Illustrator CC2017 minor updates – January 2017

  At the beginning of January 2017, Adobe released a minor update to Illustrator CC2017 (to v21.0.1) followed less than a week later by a second “stability fix” Adobe release (now to v21.0.2). These have affected a small number of Astute... read more

AG Plug-ins Workflow Tutorial by Mathieu Persan

We had a chat this week with Illustrator Mathieu Persan, he shared some secrets of his creative workflow with us and explained how our plug-ins fit in to this. Mathieu says “Astute Graphics plug-ins have been a part of my workflow for 3 years now and I couldn’t... read more

2016 – A Few from the Astute Graphics Family Album

2016 was a good year for us, and with 2017 bringing exciting changes and growth, we’re looking back through the Astute Family album at some of the highlights from the past 12 months…     We welcomed 3 new members to the Astute Family last year. Gemma,... read more

Texturino Workflow Tutorial by Charlie O’Brien

The latest photo art from Charlie O’Brien recently caught our eye and we were interested to learn that these images were created with some help from Texturino. The result is very effective and rather unique in all the examples that we have seen of Texturino to... read more

InkScribe and DynamicSketch call for feedback

Following the creation of improved learning videos for Phantasm earlier in 2016 which was very well received by new and existing customers, we are looking to enhance the experience for DynamicSketch and InkScribe users in 2017. Please help us by providing quick... read more

Seeking a Navigator

In this special blog post, Astute Graphics founder Nicholas van der Walle opens up about how our unique company will thrive in the next 10 years… presenting a rare and exciting opportunity!   As founder of Astute Graphics, creating is what I do. Have always... read more

Want to be a Featured Artist?

  With 20k + followers on social media and an impressive mailing list, we would love to showcase the work of our oh so talented customers! Not only will your work be viewed by thousands of other creatives, but it will also help newbies to understand how plug-ins... read more

We are now Adobe CC2017 compatible!

Adobe announced the immediate availability of the Creative Cloud CC2017 at Adobe MAX 2016. There has been a fair amount of focus on useful text handling updates and other minor visible tweaks you can read about here. However, having caught up with one of... read more

VectorScribe v3 brings even more vector control

Improved tools, focused learning and amazing results are all the focus of VectorScribe v3 – the latest and greatest plug-in for Adobe Illustrator developed by Astute Graphics! For this release, we first talked to our many thousands of users to see what they liked and... read more

End of Support for Adobe Illustrator CS5

The time has finally come for Astute Graphics to end support on all new releases for Adobe Illustrator CS5. Due to the ever-expanding set of Creative Cloud releases along with CS6, support has to cease for CS5 for practical reasons. And with the CC releases now coming... read more

We are ready for Mac OS Sierra

With the recent public release of Mac OS 10.12 “Sierra”, we have been testing compatibility with our current plug-ins operating with Adobe Illustrator CC2015.3. The good news is that no issues solely relating to this upgrade have been found or reported.... read more

Installing and activating your plug-ins

This guide will take you through the process of downloading and installing your plug(in)s. (We are illustrating this process with Mac OS screenshots – Windows users will see similar options). Here we will use the installation of VectorScribe as an example,... read more

10 Years of Astute Graphics

  Here at Astute Graphics we’re celebrating 10 years of our plug-ins and as you can see, it’s been a busy, productive and eventful decade! As a thank you to our customers, we offered a limited time giveaway of Stylism for free (normally sold for £35 –... read more

How to Create a Tote Bag Mock-up in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s tutorial you will learn how to create a Tote Bag Mock-up on which you can easily replace color elements, textures and even object shapes. This is possible thanks to a few plug-ins: Texturino, VectorScribe, Stylism, Phantasm, DynamicSketch and some... read more

How to Create a Handmade Sackcloth Heart in Illustrator

Today using the example of creating a handmade sackcloth heart, we will explore the Shadows and Highlights functionality of Texturino v1.2 to add realism to your vector workflow. The new Convert Raster Art to Texture feature makes it even easier to work with bitmap... read more

Be a Pro and Go Faster with Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts form the natural reflexes of pro designers. Join the elite by learning these key shortcuts found in both our free and commercial plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, as well as for all Illustrator users!   Astute Graphics plug-in shortcuts SubScribe... read more

From Paper to Vector – Including the Clockwork Method

Before I wrote this blogpost, I decided to fully investigate the many recommendations and workflows that exist to draw “The perfect Vector”. My inspiration appeared after seeing the amazing hand-crafted typography our colleague Gemma Goode made. How could... read more

Adobe Illustrator CC2015.3 now fully supported

On 21 June 2016, Adobe released the latest major round of updates for its Creative Cloud desktop apps. Within the updates was Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3. Curious about what’s new? have this covered… Here is all you need to know about updating... read more

Brexit and Astute Graphics

Today’s news has been dominated by one story – Great Britain is out of the EU. I will not attempt to address the social or general economic ramifications here, nor represent the personal opinions of myself or any colleague, but I want to give you an update from... read more

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