If you intend to change the computer on which you already have any of the Astute Graphics products already activated, ensure that you first de-activate the license key before making the change. Failure to do so may result in abuse of your license key and subsequent blocking of future activations (refer to the installer EULA).

Trial and licensing introduction

You can download and install our plug-ins, then test drive them for 14 days free of charge. During those 14 days, your tools will provide you with full functionality just as the paid versions would. This will ensure a COMPLETE experience of the plug-in before purchasing. Once the Trial period has ended, you will no longer have access to the tools until the purchase of a License Key has been made. However, you still have full access your files EVEN after the trial period has ended.

How many computers can I install on?

The number of licenses bought indicates the number of eligible users at any one time. Example: If you have a machine only YOU work on in your office, and your own machine at home, you can install and activate on both machines. If you have multiple versions of Adobe Illustrator on a single machine, there is no need to buy multiple versions of our plug-ins. During the installation process you will be asked to specify which versions of Illustrator should get your new plug-in. You can choose them all, or specify individual products. Your License Key can be applied to Windows or MAC as they are OS agnostic. Download your free 14 day trial now!

Activating with a license key

Having ensured you have the latest plug-ins installed (download the latest installer here), open Illustrator’s menu Help > Astute Graphics > Licensing Summary…. This window provides full information about the Astute Graphics plug-ins installed, their licensing status and the ability to activate. For full information, refer to the video above.

De-activating your computer

If you intend to change computer or discard your existing licensed computer, it is essential that you first de-activate your license. Failure to do so may result in abuse of your license key which will result in the key being blocked for future use! When ready to de-activate your computer, for each plug-in, follow Help > Astute Graphics > Plug-in name > Deactivate…

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