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Data Policy

This page explains how Astute Graphics will use personal data which may be collected about you through this web site.

What information about you will we gather?

Astute Graphics collects certain information about visitors to its website and users of its software which it uses to help it provide products, website and related services that are useful.

When purchasing our products, you will be asked to provide contact details for the payment method chosen via our payment service, PayPal. These details, excluding credit/debit card details and PayPal/payment account details, are collected by Astute Graphics.

If purchasing an Astute Graphics software product via any of its distributors, from March 2011, Astute Graphics will retain the end customer's information for security, licensing and upgrade purposes. Astute Graphics will only use this information to contact end customers directly if a distributor ceases trading or their association with Astute Graphics is terminated for any reason.

You may also optionally provide your email address when downloading a Trial version of our software for the purpose of being informed of product and related Astute Graphics news. Astute Graphics does not share this information with third parties.

WARNING: Data in Transmission

While we take reasonable steps to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, you should recognize that email and other electronic transmissions are insecure. Accordingly, neither Astute Graphics, nor its associates warrant, guarantee or undertake that any transmission will not be intercepted and/or read by an unauthorized person.

IP Addresses and Cookies

IP address information is stored by Astute Graphics when a purchase is made via its online service. This is to ensure a secure service is provided. The IP address information is not used for any other purpose other than fraud prevention.

Cookies are used by the Astute Graphics' website.

Where will personal information about you be stored?

The information that you provide to us will be transferred to and stored by Astute Graphics, either in an email account or on a web server.

By supplying such information, you consent to the above transfer and storage.

Astute Graphics takes steps to ensure that your information is treated securely and in accordance with this Data Policy.

Customers may wish to consider that certain personal information is used by the Astute Graphics servers/websites for the purposes of granting access to software services on the sites such as upgrade requests or license activation/deactivation. This includes your name and order number, and is sourced from the central customers database which Astute Graphics stores.

How will personal information about you be used by us?

Personal information about visitors to our website may be used for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To facilitate a product purchase.
  • To improve the content of our web pages – for example by directing visitors to relevant product information.
  • To allow us to customize the content of our web pages for different visitors.
  • To provide us with information such as visitor statistics via Google Analytics.

Only in the following condition will Astute Graphics disclose any of your personal information to any person, firm or company without first obtaining your prior written consent to do so:

  • If you submit your comments to Astute Graphics using the Blog Comments form, you indicate your acceptance that Astute Graphics may post your comments – either in full, or in edited format – to its public web site. In this instance, the comments will be attributed to you, and will be accompanied by the name supplied.

Will the personal information about you held by us be used for direct mailings?

Astute Graphics periodically produces direct mailings, typically via email. The frequency is typically every month, or whenever significant news announcements occur. We appreciate the volume of spam out there and take care to only provide quality and directly relevant information in such mailings. Direct mailings are sent to all customers and visitors who have submitted their details via the product Trial information request form.

What information does the Astute Graphics software submit when requesting upgrades, and other direct website-based service links?

Astute Graphics software submits the following computer and product installation information when contacting the Astute Graphics server only at the request of the user, for example checking for updates:

  • Astute Graphics software product name and version number sending the query
  • Whether the operating system is Windows or Mac
  • Adobe Illustrator major version number (eg. "15/CS5")
  • Product license state – or license number if licensed
  • The source of the request (eg. "About" or "Purchase/Upgrade")

How can you correct or revise the personal information about you held by us?

If you want us to correct, change or delete any personal or other information about you, which has been sent through this web site and is held on an Astute Graphics server, please let us know by email, telephone or letter – stating your details. Note that requests to remove information relating to purchases and licenses will result in the removal of product services (eg. upgrades) and a termination of product licensing services.

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