Which Astute Graphics Plug-ins do I Own?


You can find out which Astute Graphics plug-in licenses you own in three ways.

  1. By visiting your customer account page on the website (here you can be sure of seeing exactly what you have purchased).
  2. Directly in Adobe Illustrator (here you will only see indication of the plug-ins that you have installed, if you have purchased but not installed a plug-in it won't show in Illustrator).
  3. By checking in Astute Manager.

This guide will talk you through both ways of checking.


1. Checking the plug-ins that you own on your Astute Graphics account.

Log in to your account on the Astute Graphics website and go to My Account

My Account

next, select the My Plugins and Keys option.

My Plug-ins and Keys


On the My Plug-ins and Keys page, you will see a list of previously purchased plug-ins as well as those you haven't yet purchased.

If you haven't yet purchased a particular plug-in, you will see "No Keys" written next to it and you will have the option to buy the plug-in by clicking on the "Buy Now" link.

Please be sure however, to check the My Old Stuff section further down the page (this is described below). Also please ensure that you don't have multiple accounts (this is something we advise against).

My Stuff


If you have purchased a plug-in from this account, then a license key will be displayed next to it. It will also tell you how many users are licensed to use it. When installing a license you would need to copy the license key from here.

My plug-ins


Now scrolling further down, if you have received a license key for free in the past (perhaps as part of a giveaway) it will show here.

My Free Plug-ins


Lastly, if you have purchased a plug-in which has since received a major upgrade release, then the plug-in you have purchased will show here in My Old Stuff.
An example of this would be if you purchased Phantasm v3 but haven't yet purchased Phantasm v4. in the My Stuff section, you will see "No keys" next to Phantasm, but under My Old Stuff you will see the keys for your Phantasm v3 license as it is now a Previous Generation version.

My Previous version plug-ins


2. Checking your plug-ins in Illustrator.

In Illustrator, Go to Help > Astute Graphics in the Adobe Illustrator menu.

Finding your plug-ins in Illustrator

In the opened menu you will see a list of installed plug-ins. The submenu of each plug-in allows you to activate or deactivate the plug-in, go to tutorials on the Astute Graphics website or go to your account.

Installed plug-ins


Alternatively you can go to Help > Astute Graphics > Licensing Summary and you will see the status of all installed Astute Graphics plug-ins. If there are any that you have not yet purchased or activated, you will see the option to 'activate'

Licensing Summary

Please note when checking your plug-ins in Illustrator that they will only show here once you have installed them. If you have purchased plug-ins but have yet to install them they won't yet show here.


3. Checking your plug-ins in Astute Manager.

If you are using Astute Manager which we recommend as the easiest and quickest method for downloading, installing, activating and updating the Astute Graphics plugins, you will know that a plugin is installed if you see a prompt to Install or Update.

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