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Astute Manager FAQ's

Do I need an Astute Graphics account to use the Astute Manager

Yes. It's free to do so! To create one, simply start a free 14 day trial. No payment is necessary.

Does this mean you've converted my licenses to a subscription model?

No. Astute Graphics is currently non-subscription with the plugins for Adobe Illustrator. The only exception is the Astui plugin for Adobe Illustrator.

If I quit or uninstall the Astute Manager, will I lose my plugins and activations?

No. Installations and activations will remain on your machine unless you specifically act to remove them.

It says "BETA" in the header image. Should I be worried and not install?

We're taking a leaf out of Google's book here, in releasing a product that will be in continuous development. In a way, it will never be completely finished. That's the philosphy behind the "beta" tag. But fear not… this has been thoroughly tested internally and externally. We'll probably drop the "beta" tag before 2019 expires, for reasons that will become obvious at that stage.

Why doesn't the Astute Manager window automatically close when I click outside it?

We'd like to see that too! We are working to offer this in a future update.

Why doesn't the Astute Manager handle all my historic orders?

The Astute Manager is designed to install and deploy the current Astute Graphics plugins. It doesn't read any historic licenses that may still be on your machine – the only licenses it knows are the ones associated with the Astute Graphics account you're logged in with.

I have licenses split across various accounts. What should I do?

Please email Astute Graphics (form below) so that we can merge your accounts. The Astute Manager will only look for orders associated with a single account.

If I change my Astute Graphics account, what do I do?

The Astute Manager can only log into one user account at any one time. If you change details or wish to change the account your associating with the Astute Manager, click on the top right menu icon and click on Sign Out. This will allow you to log back in using your updated account details.

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