Say hello to Astui

It's taken Astute Graphics twelve years, but we are now on the verge of complimenting our extremely successful set of tools for Adobe Illustrator with a brand new service. Say hello to Astui! Starting with the years of learning we've gained in making... read more

Astute Graphics are Donating to Mind

  We are very happy to be donating all profits from our collaboration with Design Cuts to the wonderful charity Mind. Mind provide advice and support to help empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem, whilst campaigning to improve services, raise... read more

Phantasm v4.1 is here – with the return of Filters

Phantasm v4 was released earlier in 2018 along with some very welcome features including a new control panel and improved vector halftones. It's been very well received and remains one of our most significant toolsets for Adobe Illustrator following its initial... read more

Stipplism 1.2 free update – Overview

  Our update to Stipplism is now available. If you already own this plug-in then the update to v1.2 is entirely free. To install it: Existing customers – Please login to your account and download and run our latest Unified Installer v1.2.9 (installation... read more

How to Create Lego Art with Phantasm and Adobe Illustrator

The little colored bricks are more than mere toys. Some artists create sculptures and paintings from them. Today we will create a portrait of Lego bricks in 5 simple steps, and Phantasm will help us with this. Step 1 Here are some examples of lego art pictures. Even... read more

How to Create Star Wars Icons in Line Art Style

In this tutorial I will describe the process of creating a Star Wars icons in a Line Art style in Adobe Illustrator. Our vector assistants are MirrorMe, VectorScribe and ColliderScribe; they will make the work more convenient and quick. "The Force will be with... read more

We’ve Improved Texturino Again!

Free customer upgrade to Texturino v1.3 Texturino is our plug-in for Adobe Illustrator (versions CS6 to CC) for helping to add fully controllable textures to your vector artwork. Mystery Girl created using Texturino by Charlie O'Brien. Reproduced by kind... read more

Creative South 2018 – Astute Graphics

  One of the key things about working in the design industry is connecting with all kinds of designers to find out how they use Adobe Illustrator and what kind of work they create. So many of our plug-ins are built on what Illustrator users wanted in Adobe... read more

All plug-ins updated with Unified Installer v1.2.6

Last week, Astute Graphics released Phantasm v4 which has been snapped up by many enthusiastic customers old and new! But you don't just have to want color control and vector Halftone artwork requirements to benefit from our latest Unified Installer (v1.2.6).... read more

Phantasm v4 is available today!

Phantasm, Astute Graphics' first plug-in, has received its biggest update in 12 years! Here are the highlights of what's new in version 4 NEW Phantasm Panel for instant and intuitive color control IMPROVED vector Halftone engine for greatly improved quality... read more

Improved Phantasm v4 Halftone Engine

Phantasm v4 is here, and this release now has a fantastic new Halftone engine, which gives wonderful new, accurate results. Let's take a closer look at these improvements. A vastly improved algorithm for the Halftone effect To demonstrate the work of the... read more

Phantasm NEW vs OLD – Panel Overview

The new Phantasm v4 is built from ground up to make its functions more accessible and easily manageable, with the help of a common for all effects Phantasm panel. Let's take a closer look at how this works now. In the previous version of the plug-in, to use the... read more

New Phantasm Prepress Correct Effect

Phantasm v4 is here along with the wallet and reputation-saving Prepress Correct effect! Here we'll take a closer look at this new function. Phantasm v4 also has a new effect – Prepress Correct. Its options are located at the bottom of the Phantasm panel. An... read more

Astute on the Road

    Astute Graphics will be out and about on the road a lot in 2018! In-between working on exciting product upgrades and a brand new installer, our diary is filling up fast. Among the events that we currently have lined up are: April –  Creative South... read more

5 Ways to your Heart with Astute Graphics Plug-ins

  Today, we'll look at five ways to draw stylized hearts that will be useful for creating greeting cards. It will be a simple and quick job if you use the tools I recommend in this article. Happy Valentine's Day! 1. Creating a Valentine's Day Card... read more

Rasterino and Mac OS 10.13 – Update

  In October, Astute Graphics released its update for compatibility with CC2018. Unfortunately however, following the coinciding release of Mac OS 10.13 we received feedback from a small number of customers who were experiencing issues when... read more

Autosaviour Free and Autosaviour Pro – The Difference

The Autosaviour plug-in is designed to automatically save your artwork and create backups in Adobe Illustrator at regular time intervals. It helps to avoid the loss of the entirety or part of the work as a result of the unexpected closing of the application. Two... read more

20+ Good Habits in Illustrator that Everyone Should Know

20+ Good Habits in Illustrator that Everyone Should Know  There are many functions and techniques that speed up the workflow in Adobe Illustrator. In today's article we have put together the most efficient ones. Hopefully here you will find tricks that will be... read more

Cheat your way into 2018

Founder, Nicholas van der Walle would like to say a huge "Thank you" for an amazing 2017 with a great new free resource, plus a tease… One of our most frequent requests by customers was for a series of "Cheat Sheets". These are printable... read more

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