Ending Support for Illustrator CS6

  The time has finally come for Astute Graphics to end support on all releases for Adobe Illustrator CS6. All releases from here on will be compatible for CC17.1 and above only. We have consistently issued major upgrades to our plugins every few years and each of... read more

Creating Multidimensional Art with MirrorMe

  Adrian Rasmussen's laser cut multidimensional wood creations fuse technology, symbolism and spirituality. Here Adrian takes some time out to explain to us how Astute Graphics plugins have enabled him to bridge the gap between logical computer design and... read more

Creating an ‘IT’ inspired poster with Stipplism

By Joshua Butts Clowns always seem to be the theme of some sort of horror movie. Some of these movies nonetheless have given us some pretty cool artwork to enjoy. Pennywise from the movie "IT" gives us a fair share of the creeps and a new sequel is coming... read more

Create A Custom, Stylistic Lightsaber With Stylism

Create A Custom, Stylistic Lightsaber With Stylism Star wars has made an incredible comeback since the Force Awakens was released. There haven't been as many lightsabers in the latest movies as there were in the first 6 movies. The best way to make up for that is... read more

Whimsical Flourishments with DynamicSketch

Using DynamicSketch and VectorScribe's 'smart remove point' tool as well as cutting and extending lines on paths with the extend path tool. Illustrator is a weird name for the software. When many people hear the name Adobe Illustrator, they think of... read more

Autosaviour Pro now Free with the Astute Manager

  The new Astute Manager deploys a new build of Autosaviour which has all the features of the Pro version but is completely free and requires no licensing (similar to DirectPrefs). This means that Autosaviour is no longer available to buy and if you don't... read more

Colour Value Fixing With Phantasm v4

By Kirk Wallace Believe it or not, all of our digital software is mimicking traditional tools. We can use Astute Graphics' Phantasm v4 tool to create washes of color over our illustrations just as we would with acrylic paints, or watercolors. Great for creating... read more

Create A Mind Blowing Rollercoaster With WidthScribe

By Joshua Butts Summer is approaching and it is the season for going out into the sun and taking a trip to the various amusement parks that surround the globe. In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to use the WidthScribe tool to make the creation of the most... read more

Herman van Boeijen makes a Spider Droid

  Herman van Boeijen tells us how he used DynamicSketch to make this Spider Droid.   You may have heard Herman van Boeijen’s name here before. Starting in 2013, the Amsterdam based designer who wants “to marry DynamicSketch and have its babies” designed some... read more

Patterns & Polka dots with Space Fill [ColliderScribe]

By Kirk Wallace Designing with ColliderScribe Sometimes you gotta fill a shape with some texture or pattern quickly without wanting to fuss over the pattern tool. This is a versatile solution and clever way to break up a solid flat shape using the Space Fill tool in... read more

Tidying Up Your Type with Astute Graphics

By Kirk Wallace Just because your type is wonky and playful doesn’t mean you can’t have order in building it. I’m a full-time illustrator that comes from a computer science undergraduate degree, which creates a weird hurricane of hot and cold in my workflow. Maybe... read more

SubScribe V2 Perpendicular Line Tool In Depth.

Want To Save Time Creating Perpendicular Lines? In SubScribe V2, the perpendicular line tools have been consolidated into a single tool to make things easier. By clicking on the Perpendicular Line Tool, you can create a perpendicular line from any object, as you... read more

Upgrades for SubScribe v1 Customers

Upgrading to our #1 plugin – SubScribe v2 SubScribe v2 is released today as a major paid-for upgrade. Among many other exciting new features and improvements, version 2 offers a new Lock Unlock Tool, quicker object orient (straighten) tools and intelligently-combined... read more

*NEW* Subscribe v2 – New Features Overview

Welcome to SubScribe v2! Here's an overview of the new features SubScribe v2 has packed in some amazing new features that should make you very happy. You may recognize a few things from SubScribe v1, such as the Connect, Straighten and Orient tools. But there are... read more

Fix any Stock Asset so It’s Actually Usable

By Joshua Butts One of the most painful aspects of working with stock assets from various files and sources, is that often times, the files have been exported with the layers ungrouped and the method of exporting causes each layer to be given clipping masks. This can be... read more

Astute Graphics at Adobe Max 2018

  It's been another solid year for us here at Astute Graphics. We spent a bit more time on the road in 2018 attending Creative South, Creative Pro and Adobe Max conferences in the USA. One of the big components of travelling to shows like these is to meet and... read more

Getting To Know Autosaviour Pro V2

If you've ever had your artwork saved by Autosaviour Free, you'll love our Pro version AUTOSAVIOUR PRO! As recommended by Adobe, this plug-in will play a core role in your workflow, saving you time, stress and providing your work with a vital safety net Why is... read more

Illustrator CC2019 final plugins now available

Last week, Astute Graphics released beta plugins for the recent Adobe Illustrator CC2019 update. We're happy to say that there were no issues with the Beta installer and our customers were able to use it for early compatibility with CC2019. Today however,... read more

Replace Missing Fonts in Adobe Illustrator

  When working with documents that were created on another computer, designers often face the problem of the lack of fonts in the edited text. In this article, you will learn how to replace such fonts with the help of the native Illustrator feature and with the... read more

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