2016 was a good year for us, and with 2017 bringing exciting changes and growth, we’re looking back through the Astute Family album at some of the highlights from the past 12 months…



We welcomed 3 new members to the Astute Family last year.

Gemma, Pete and Lorna joined the team, and they were immediately trained to understand that biscuits are a strong theme. They also quickly learnt that in-house entertainment and humour is always of a highbrow and mature nature.

With new additions to the team, it was time for a few (ahem) "home improvements".

It all got a little bit dark at one point.


And whilst some of us decided that bouncing around the office was preferable to rolling, the ever growing Lego shrine quietly crept out of the recording studio to a mixed audience.

September also saw us celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

To mark the occasion, we donned our pirate hats, battened down the hatches of our canoes…

and set sail on the high waters of the River Wye.

We expertly steered the ships to a wonderful restaurant and drinking establishment. Unfortunately, photographic evidence of the subsequent rum drinking was lost to the mists of time.

Besides the small matter of the launch of VectorScribe v3, October also required that some of us travel to the U.S where we were official speakers at Adobe Max (you can listen to our MAX session here).

A good time was had by all in San Diego, and we even found time outside of the working schedule to enjoy the halloween festivities.

This isn't a halloween photo, Camilla opted for the Godzilla sized coke and her teeth didn't fare too well.

Whilst Head Plug-ineer Nick was busy at MAX, our Web Developer was busy trying his luck at taking Nicks Ferrari* out for a little spin. His sneaky antics were somewhat thwarted by the challenges of fitting a 6ft man inside a 6 inch car made of Lego

All was forgiven though, and on Nicks return, we were all off to London for food


a very inspirational Adobe Creative Meet

and a good chat with Aaron Draplin.

Somewhere along the way, Viktor Krum (Gemma's Aloe Vera Plant) was forgotten, he finally succumbed to the cruel neglect and was sent home to live out his final days**

Viktor is missed every day. But spirits remained high at Astute Towers and we ended the year on a high of mince pie and chocolate-induced nausea, with a very Merry Christmas.

2017 is shaping up to be even better than 2016, and we’re starting the year as we mean to go on. With biscuits, lots of them!

*Pete is not really a thief (except on weekends when he enjoys stealing biscuits from children)

**Update: Gemma reports the recent sprouting of a new limb from Viktor. We live in hope.

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