We are Adobe CC2018 compatible!

  Adobe have announced the immediate availability of the Creative Cloud CC2018 at Adobe MAX 2017. Can I upgrade to CC2018 and keep my latest Astute Graphics plug-ins? Yes! We have issued an upgrade to all current-version plug-ins. The following plug-ins are now... read more

Texturino Keyboard Shortcuts

    Texturino is intended to quickly and easily work with bitmap textures. This gives us the opportunity to finish vector artworks directly in Adobe Illustrator without using bitmap editor. In this short guide I'll give you a few tips to help you further... read more

How to Create a Neon Light Text Effect in Illustrator

Today you will learn how to create a neon text effect using blend objects, art brushes, blending modes and the DynamicSketch plug-in. Using art brushes with DynamicSketch allows us to create an accurate and easily editable path that contains fewer points. In addition... read more

MirrorMe v1.3.0 and DynamicSketch v2.1.0 updates

Today sees the release of a host of updates, the main of these being free upgrades to both DynamicSketch v2 and MirrorMe. Along with these free upgrades, there are also a host of improvements and bug fixes for DirectPrefs, VectorFirstAid and VectorScribe. What's... read more

Prices are melting in our BIG Summer Sale

  Grab yourself a sweet deal in the Astute Graphics SUMMER SALE!   We've got the scoop on an offer that will whip you into a frenzy! For a limited time* you have the opportunity to save 50% when completing the Elite set, this includes all 16 of the... read more

Paint Brush and DynamicSketch – The Differences

Paint Brush and DynamicSketch – The Differences In today's article you'll learn the difference between the Paint Brush and DynamicSketch functions. Although both of these tools are used for the same purpose, DynamicSketch has many convenient and... read more

Using Brushes in Adobe Illustrator – 7 Useful Tips

  In this article you will learn how to quickly set up brushes, how to select the appropriate colorization method, how to quickly modify only the selected stroke, the compatibility of brushes with the variable width path and much more. This should enable you to... read more

DynamicSketch v2.0.0 Keyboard Shortcuts

Today's guide aims to speed up your vector workflow with DynamicSketch by using keyboard shortcuts. This information, along with the DynamicSketch instructional product movies, will help you get the most from this extremely effective plug-in!    Please note... read more

DynamicSketch v2 – What’s New

DynamicSketch v2 has just been released making sketching a true joy in Adobe Illustrator! Regardless whether you use a mouse, trackpad, Wacom, Surface Pro or any other Mac or Windows device, it will bring a whole new dimension to your creative and illustrative... read more

New Pulled Cursor Feature of DynamicSketch Tool

New Pulled Cursor Feature of DynamicSketch Tool In today's article we will talk about the Pulled Cursor Feature, which will help you to draw smooth paths with DynamicSketch in an easy way. In addition, it allows you to easily control Stylus Pressure, getting the... read more

Deactivating or Uninstalling your Plug-ins

You may wish to either Deactivate or Uninstall your plug-ins, depending on whether you want to remove them temporarily or more permanently. This guide will talk you through the processes for both.    Please note that we allow installation and activation on up to... read more

InkScribe part 3: Customizable Preferences

Adobe Illustrator is used in various areas of design — fashion design, technical drawing, web design, art, and more. Each designer should set up the program to cater for their own specific needs, and InkScribe's extensive options allow for this. Now I want to tell... read more

New Improved Unified Installer

Astute Graphics' Unified Installer has been improved based on user feedback. Only the completely free DirectPrefs plug-in is now installed by default for Adobe Illustrator. See the ticked products in the installer step highlighted in yellow below: Use the... read more

Smart Point Remove tech now faster and better than ever

Following months of intensive development, we're proud to announce that one of our core technologies – Smart Point Removal – has been improved and is now available. These updates are FREE to customers of VectorScribe v3, VectorFirstAid and InkScribe! If you are... read more

InkScribe Part 2: Tools Explained

InkScribe Part 2: Tools Explained Today we'll talk about how using InkScribe allows you to work faster, smarter, more accurately and in other words more efficiently. Ghost Handles As discussed in Part 1 of this series, we can easily choose the type of segment to... read more

InkScribe Part 1: Get Started

InkScribe is designed for fast, accurate, and smart creating and editing of the Bezier curves on which the entirety of vector graphics is based. For the past 30 years, the Pen Tool has been used for creating these objects, but it has not been essentially modified in... read more

Astute Graphics Plug-ins Workflow by Mark Oliver

Mark Oliver is an Award winning Illustrator and full time professional artist based in Worthing, UK. His recent work for the Smart Car campaign (among others) has benefitted from the use of our plug-ins, and here Mark talks us through a brief workflow to explain how... read more

A faster way to draw an eye in Illustrator

#10MinSkills: Pro artist Bert Musketon walks through a faster, more intuitive way to draw an eye in Illustrator. Using the DynamicSketch plug-in, he shows how to quickly cut away paths you don’t need, and how to combine basic shapes to create an engaging illustration.... read more

Manage Auto-Open Panels for Astute Graphics Plug-ins

The respective panels of our VectorScribe, InkScribe, Texturino, WidthScribe, Stylism and MirrorMe plug-ins have always opened automatically when enabled. To disable this function, you previously needed to edit the Adobe Illustrator Preferences file, but this was for... read more

InkScribe and VectorScribe – The Differences

InkScribe is designed to replace the Pen Tool. This tool has many useful functions that allow designers to create paths more accurately and conveniently and in a less time-consuming way. VectorScribe contains seven tools for creating basic shapes, editing existing... read more

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