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Adobe announced the immediate availability of the Creative Cloud CC2017 at Adobe MAX 2016. There has been a fair amount of focus on useful text handling updates and other minor visible tweaks you can read about here. However, having caught up with one of Illustrator's friendly engineers at the MAX event, it was very encouraging to hear first hand that a lot of effort has been devoted to improving the core of Illustrator. This is to boost stability as well as address long-standing minor gripes. This is good news for us all long-term!

Can I upgrade to CC2017 and keep my latest Astute Graphics plug-ins?


We have now issued an upgrade to all current-version plug-ins. The following plug-ins are now compatible for Illustrator CS6 through to the latest CC2017:

VectorScribe v2 user? Please make use of our time-limited discount offer when buying the latest version or read on.

We have also updated our free plug-ins to be compatible with CS6 to CC2017:

How to update your plug-ins

If you have already installed CC2017 – or are just about to – then simply download the latest Astute Graphics Unified Installer, ensure you've quit Illustrator and run the installer!

You can download the installer two ways:

Log into your account Request a free 14 day trial

Any problems with CC2017?

For the first time, we have worked hard to ensure that a "release candidate" CC2017 installer was made available within hours of Adobe releasing the CC upgrade. There are currently no know issues with the CC2017 release.

If you are finding Illustrator CC2017 not loading following installation of the latest plug-ins (Astute Graphics Unified Installer v1.1.6 or higher), it is likely due to preferences having been automatically copied over from an earlier version of Illustrator. This is default behaviour for the Creative Cloud update mechanism.

We do recommend clearing out your Illustrator preferences and starting again. You can reset these by following the official advice from Adobe.

Note that this process will reset all your panels, etc. in Illustrator. These may be re-applied and set to your workflow manually once more.

Update 11 November 2016
A kind customer has suggested the following may be of assistance to those experiencing issues running the plug-ins on CC2017 for the first time: First remove all plug-ins for CC2017, run Illustrator CC2017 without plug-ins, quit Illustrator and then try to install once more. Thank you Raymie!

Note for VectorScribe v2 users

VectorScribe v2 predates CC2017 and is therefore not available directly for Illustrator CC2017.

VectorScribe v2 customers who do not yet wish to take advantage of the limited-period discounted v3 can still run the latest installer to update all other current plug-ins. However, you will need to untick VectorScribe on the installer (as shown below) to ensure that v2 remains installed on older versions of Illustrator present on your system.

It is possible to maintain an older version of Illustrator (suggested CS6 or CC2015.3) in parallel with the latest Cloud-based version. Please refer to Adobe's documentation on how to do this.

For further information on how to regain VectorScribe v2, please refer to this special documentation.

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