We had a chat this week with Illustrator Mathieu Persan, he shared some secrets of his creative workflow with us and explained how our plug-ins fit in to this.

Mathieu says "Astute Graphics plug-ins have been a part of my workflow for 3 years now and I couldn’t work without them. They are practical, time savers and creative".

"I work exclusively with a mouse. No pen, and no tablet. For me, another little trick that I find very useful, is that I use a mouse with 5 customisable buttons. I have assigned the buttons to the tools I use most in Illustrator. This allows me to almost never go back and forth in the toolbox to change tools, and I find it a real time saver!"

This is the workflow I use for all shapes:

1. I roughly draw my shapes with Inkscribe using only straight lines. I don’t mind if I put too many points in as it will be solved later.

2. I then adjust the points and the curves with the Pathscribe tools of VectorScribe

3. Next, I remove unnecessary points with the VectorScribe Smart Remove Brush Tool.

This workflow allows me to draw complex shapes very quickly without struggling with the pen tool. I can be much more precise than with a pen and tablet and still work fast.

For the background of this poster, I used Stipplism with a symbol.

  • I simply made a symbol with 2 perpendicular lines and then applied the symbol stipple effect.
  • Next, I adjusted the rotation and quickly ended up with this vintage texture.


For the stars upon the glass, I used Stipplism again with a star symbol.

  • I applied the effect on a simple radial black and white gradient.
  • Then I changed the random seed until I obtained the effect I wanted.

Once again, it took me just a couple of minutes to achieve this. Amazing! The possibilities offered by this tool are endless.

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About Mathieu Persan

Mathieu Persan is a Freelance Illustrator from Paris, France. He loves vintage posters from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, and sites these as a big part of his inspiration. His work can be seen in the press (Le Monde, Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times, Popshot UK), on book covers (Random House NYC, Tana editions, Didier Jeunesse) and on posters. He also works on many personal projects such as poster exhibitions and illustrations for children.

For more of Mathieus work, check out his social links: Instagram |  Facebook | Twitter |

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