We are very happy to be donating all profits from our collaboration with Design Cuts to the wonderful charity Mind. Mind provide advice and support to help empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem, whilst campaigning to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

Numerous credible studies have found links between creativity and depression, and mental health is thought to be more common in the design world than in many other industries. Even if you’re not the type to feel anxious or unconfident, you probably know someone that does. If 1 in 4 individuals suffer from a mental disorder or temporary anxiety on a semi-regular basis, it’s quite likely that you came across somebody in need of some reassurance today.
Remember that it’s not always obvious. Many suffer in silence, so be nice, be helpful, and be supportive.

If you do suffer from a mental disorder of some kind, even if it’s only temporary, remember that you’re not alone. We all have doubts sometimes, but with the right environment, we can benefit from the right support. If you are suffering with mental health, please pop over to the Mind website or Facebook page, there are lots of lovely resources and useful help available.

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