Mark Oliver is an Award winning Illustrator and full time professional artist based in Worthing, UK. His recent work for the Smart Car campaign (among others) has benefitted from the use of our plug-ins, and here Mark talks us through a brief workflow to explain how he used them.



"I always start with a drawing, scanned and dropped into a layer in Illustrator before creating the vector art" says Mark. "It’s important for me to get nice clean curves into the vectors, ColliderScribe is perfect for joining circles and paths to make smooth shapes without excess nodes. There are usually some symmetrical images in my artwork and MirrorMe makes this process a lot more efficient".



"The brief for the Smart Cars campaign (commissioned by BBDO Berlin) was to create a kind of infograffiti in just two colours, I wanted to use something more stylised than a spray paint texture and Stipplism offered the perfect solution. In the areas that I wanted a stipple effect, I created black to white blends and then applied the Stipple set to 0.3 cm density and coloured from my swatches".



"You need to remember to expand these effects if your client needs the .ai file, this is really easy as you can select all the Stipplism effects together Select > Stipples Effects > Object > Expand Appearance".



"On the Barbarella artwork (shown below) I used the halftone effect in Phantasm in a similar way".




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About Mark Oliver

Mark started his career as an Art Director in advertising and following a small handful of Creative Circle and New York Festival awards, he then became a full-time illustrator. As well as illustrating for press, print, games and the web, Mark has written and illustrated various books (twice winning the Stockport Children's Prize) and can count Penguin, The Guardian, BMW, Faber & Faber and the BBC among his clients. He was also Runner-up in the 2003 Avensis Prize and winner of the 2007 Gold Transport for London Poster Award.

For more of Mark’s work, check out his social links: Twitter | Bechance | Pinterest | Flickr | Linkedin

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