Automatically opening panels

Major recent Astute Graphics product releases including Texturino and VectorScribe v3 adopted a new UX method; auto-opening the selected tool's panel. One example of this is PathScribe found in VectorScribe v3.

This was implemented to provide improved accessibility for both new and experienced users. Tools such as those found in Texturino, for example, only truly function fully when a user can access the associated panel.  Even though all panels may be manually located in Illustrator's Window > … menu

All very nice… but how do I turn this off?

As always, we recognise that not all designers wish to have panels appearing automatically. For example, experienced PathScribe users may resort more to keyboard shortcuts to access their favourite functionality (see blog posts part 1, part 2 and part 3 for further info on shortcuts available). Therefore we have provided users with a way to turn off the auto-opening of all Astute Graphics panels that operate in this manner.

Warning triangle
Warning: this method does require a little more than very basic operating knowledge. But any competent user should be able to perform this without too much difficulty.

Step 1: Quit Illustrator

Step 2: Locate your Illustrator Preferences file

Depending on the operating system that you are using, the Illustrator preferences file is available at the following location (source: Adobe)…

Note: The folder name may vary depending on the language version you have installed.

Mac OS X
<startup drive>/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS5 Settings/en_US*/Adobe Illustrator Prefs

Windows 7
<startup drive>\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5 Settings\en_US*\AIPrefs.

Step 3: Load the Prefs file into your text editor

The Adobe Illustrator Prefs file can be edited using any generic text editor. On Mac OS, we highly recommend the free and excellent Text Wrangler application by Bare Bones.

Adobe Illustrator Prefs edited in Text Wrangler

Step 4: Search and replace

Search for the line:
/AstuteAutoshowPanels 1

…and replace with:
/AstuteAutoshowPanels 0

Step 5: Save the Prefs file

Step 6: Restart Illustrator

Remember, this change will affect affect all Astute products, not just PathScribe.

It is possible to revert the change by either editing the Prefs file once more, changing the value back to "1" or by resetting your Illustrator Prefs file.



Watch our Video Tutorial

Mac OS

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