Following Autosaviour's announcement in last week's special Pop-up Webinar, we received many questions which we wanted to present to you here along with the answers.

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Q: If a file is saved and then copied to another computer, will the copied file retain the Autosaviour settings when opened the other computer with or without Autosaviour installed?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens if I work simultaneously on several open files
Only the active (frontmost) document is autosaved. When you switch between documents, the autosave countdown is reset. So if you are frequently switching between documents, they may never get the chance to be autosaved.

Q: If I save manually does that reset the auto-save timer? (e.g. if I manually save 2 minutes before the auto-save is scheduled to run, will it still auto-save in 2 minutes or will it reset to 10 minutes?)
A: Yes, saving manually resets the timer.

Q: If you've set up a document to be autosaved to removable media, and you later on remove that media while working on the document, what happens then?
A: Same as if you remove the media and press Command-S to manually save – the "Save As" dialog comes up.

Q: I use Google Drive / Git / VCS / Time Machine to save and backup all of my files to. Does this cause any issues with these systems?
A: It shouldn't – when Autosaviour kicks in, it's no different from just pressing Command-S.

Q: If I jump to other programs, will autosaving still take place in the background?
A: Yes.

Q: If I walked away from my computer for over an hour, would Autosaviour stop saving unchanged files?
A: If you leave your computer with an unsaved file, Autosaviour would kick in and save it at the specified time. Then, since you're not there to make any additional changes, nothing further would happen.

Q: Are there any issues with having multiple documents open if the documents have different Autosaviour settings?
A: No, but only the active (frontmost) document will be autosaved.

Q: If a save happens at a bad or awkward time, is there a way to cancel a save that's just started?
A: No. It's no different from pressing Command-S.

Q: Where does the autosaved file get saved and can I change the location?
A: It gets saved in the same location as the current working file. There is no option to change this location.

Q: Is background saving possible in future version?
A: No.

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