The Autosaviour plug-in is designed to automatically save your artwork and create backups in Adobe Illustrator at regular time intervals. It helps to avoid the loss of the entirety or part of the work as a result of the unexpected closing of the application. Two versions of the plug-in are available to users: Free and Pro. Let's see what the differences are…


Autosaviour Pro has its own panel (Window > Autosaviour Pro > Autosaviour Pro Panel). This panel has a 'last save' and a 'next save' countdown clock, Autosave / Remind and Backup options. Delayed saves and failed attempts are red, grabbing your attention and prompting you to take action.

The 'Settings…' button allows you to quickly access the dialog box with other plug-in options. Another way to open the Autosaviour Pro Document Settings dialog box is by going to File > Autosaviour Pro Settings…. For Autosaviour Free, this is the only way to change the settings. In addition, Autosaviour Free does not have a panel.


Additional Autosaviour Pro Preferences are opened in the fly-out menu of the panel.

The 'Show Message During Save/Backup' option enables/disables a message shown on the screen when autosaving or backing up is underway.


'Only Autosave the Active Document' disables/enables autosaving of open documents that are not active.

'Confirm Existing Autosave' – when opening a document that has existing Autosaviour Pro settings with autosaving enabled, a confirmation dialog will be shown, allowing you to leave autosaving on or turn autosaving off.

Autosaviour Free does not have preferences.

Backups Settings

Autosaviour Pro settings allow you to select the custom location for saving backups. You can specify the maximum number of backups. When the specified number of backups is exceeded, the oldest backup file will be deleted. There is an option to create a suffix in the text field and add a Time Stamp or Sequential Number to it. This suffix will be added to the backup name.


Don't want to autosave your work but still want the benefits of multiple-version backups? With Autosaviour Pro, you can enable this function, even if autosave is disabled. Autosaviour Free allows you to autosave only one backup in the same folder as the original and add the suffix specified in the text field to its name. The function of creating backups will be active only if autosave is active.


Autosaving background documents

Autosaviour Pro not only saves your current, frontmost document – it also saves modified documents in the background if the 'Only Autosave the Active Document' option is disabled in the Autosaviour Pro Preferences dialog box.

Autosaviour Free gives you the option to 'Only autosave the active document'.


For additional information about Autosaviour, watch the product videos:

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