The new Astute Manager deploys a new build of Autosaviour which has all the features of the Pro version but is completely free and requires no licensing (similar to DirectPrefs). This means that Autosaviour is no longer available to buy and if you don't already have this plugin, you will need to run the Astute Manager in order to install it.

To install, simply run the Astute Manager. As with DirectPrefs, Autosaviour will be one of the default plug-in installation options and there is no need to have any particular Autosaviour license in your Astute Graphics account.

If you do already have an Autosaviour license, then once the Astute Manager is deployed fully, the current Pro and Free versions of Autosaviour will be removed, replaced by this new version simply named "Autosaviour".

If you choose to no longer use Astute Manager, unless you intentionally uninstall Autosaviour, we will not remove this new fully-featured free version. Have it on us!

If you choose to no longer use Astute Manager and you install Autosaviour, then customers who previously purchased it or received a free version before June 2019 will be able to reinstall their version using one of the legacy installers provided here.


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