Graphic Designer Beata Pijanowska is a creative with a penchant for beautiful blooms. Her floral designs, logos and fonts (among other things) can be found across both of her Creative Market stores. She took some time out to give us a few tips from her workflow and her reasons for using Astute Graphics plug-ins.

"I opened my first store in 2015, it was absolutely free and the success was a great surprise for me. I could prepare my products to sell exactly how I would like. I first started with watercolor motifs and then about a year ago I decided to open a shop with only my vector illustrations. In the vector shop there are many designs: Patterns, hand draw floral arrangements, fonts, graphic elements for branding, logos, invitations and more.

My only previous experience with Illustrator was a bad memory of the Pen Tool and I’m guessing that’s how a lot of people start! Eventually I thought I should find something better and luckily I discovered Astute Graphics plug-ins. Wow! I was sold!"

I now use a lot of them in a very simple way to suit my workflow:

I start always from a sketch on paper with my fountain pen, then I scan it and place it in Illustrator and trace over the top. I prefer to trace because for me it is important to maintain the hand draw look for my designs. I then use Point Removal from VectorScribe v3, of course.



They aren’t that impressive yet, right? But now I start using DynamicSketch v2 and add background elements to each of the individual pieces. It is a quick and nice process; I don’t even need to use the Live Paint Bucket tool anymore.

It still looks like a hand drawn picture and I can immediately add brushes and correct them with color.




Now I can’t decide on a color, so this is where I use the Phantasm plug-in. Multiple color options at the right time are very useful and really simple – just like Photoshop, but this way I’m able to stay in Illustrator the whole time.

My workflow with these new found plug-ins is really fast.





Now I can create multiple compositions, I use MirrorMe, Texturino and ColliderScribe. Having all this additional control to create my designs in Illustrator makes it a very enjoyable process. I like all the plug-ins, my current favorite is DynamicSketch v2 but I can’t imagine working without VectorScribe and InkScribe.

Here is an example of my latest Pencil Flowers, made with the help of VectorScribe, DynamicSketch and Phantasm:





For this one – I used DynamicSketch v2 and ColliderScribe v2:



Whilst here in the patterns product I used MirrorMe:





"Using Astute Graphics plug-ins with Illustrator has significantly added to my free creative time as they help me to design much better and with good quality. Customers appreciate this and come back for more.

My experience with stores has been really good too, at present I have about 200 items available. I like the ease with which I’m able to upload my products, I’ve then even more free time to be creative with new ideas and I’m happy that my customers enjoy my style too."


About Beata Pijanowska

Beata Pijanowska is a Graphic Designer, and Web, Font and Pattern designer based in Poland. She owns 2 stores on Creative Market and enjoys watercolor painting and creating floral illustrations.

For more of Beata’ s work check out her social links: 

Twitter | Instagram – Bloomart | Instagram – Webvilla | Facebook | CreativeMarket – BloomartCreativeMarket – Webvilla |

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