Alexander Beleschenko is a glass artist who lives and works in Swansea. His bespoke glass artwork can be seen throughout the world in Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, USA, Japan and the United Arab Emirates and he has twice been awarded the Art and Architecture Award from the Royal Society of Arts.

Baker Street, England

Alexander makes large-scale architectural glassworks which occupy a range of outdoor and interior locations, from busy sites such as bridges, concourses, bars and offices to places of quietude and reflection including libraries and churches.

Private home – Zurich, Switzerland

His glass artwork sculpts light: edges refract, layers absorb and crazing scatters its rays. Alongside the experimental use of sandblasting, acid etching, engraving, bevelling and chipping, Alexander has been instrumental in devising new printing methods such as raised surface silkscreening and a laminating technique to sandwich antique glass between sheets of safety glass in his pieces of work.

We visited Alexander in his Swansea studio and were amazed by his extremely unique and distinctive style. Although some of his glass artwork might look fairly simple at first glance, on closer examination the intricate detail is truly outstanding.

Neuenbeken Tower detail – Paderborn, Germany

Alexander discovered Astute Graphics several years ago and constantly uses our plug-ins in his work. A current piece of glass art in progress has made extensive use of Phantasm with the filter effect being "a life saver".

Baker Street detail – London, England

"I have been working in the field of art for quite some time. It's never the same thing. One day it is a catastrophe, the next, a victory. I love that and especially with my chosen art form of working with glass in architecture. The more I do of it the wider its horizons for creative expression become. As an art form it poses immense challenges due to its relationship with light. It is a material that can test your skills to the limit but it generally gives back what it sometimes takes away. That is, an unforeseen mishap often becomes a new start to explore new possibilities."

Alex is an Honorary Doctor at the University of Exeter, Honorary Fellow of Swansea Metropolitan University, the Royal Institute of British Architects and The Royal Society of Arts.

Baker Street – London, England

All photos and artwork on the page copyright Alexander Beleschenko

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