Michael Doret runs a small design and font foundry studio in Hollywood, California. With a flair for lettering, illustration and graphic design, he has built up an impressive portfolio of clients, providing design solutions that include logos, album covers and signage for companies such as The NBA, Major League Baseball, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, TIME Magazine and Warner Bros.

Classic KISS album cover

With a career that started in the analogue era, he made the switch from pen and ink to digital approximately 16 years ago after taking a class in Adobe Illustrator, something that he describes as a natural transition…

I'm not really a technical person, and I get very comfortable doing things the way I do them. I'd heard of Illustrator plug-ins but I'd never really thought of using them before. However, within a very short space of time, I was convinced of the benefits and now use it all the time. It focuses on the fundamental tasks that as a designer you do day in, day out.

VectorScribe's PathScribe tool gives the user the ability to produce artwork accurately and efficiently, providing a much-needed solution to those who want to take control of their points. When you're creating the outline of a letter, you don't want any more points than is absolutely necessary. With the PathScribe tool I feel as though I'm now in control of the number of points that I work with, really reducing the number of redundant points. As well as providing the accuracy that I need to do my work, it's significantly improved my workflow.

Metroscript font poster

Over the years, designers have spent hours drawing paths in an attempt to produce perfectly formed shapes. VectorScribe has created a unique solution to this inefficient process, providing the ability to move selected points to tangencies within seconds. Once established, the accuracy of the path profile remains as the points are moved. I can create a shape one way, and then rotate it slightly or move things around, and I know that it's still accurate. I could have done this before, but not easily. It's saved me loads of time.

The fact that VectorScribe's key tools are dynamic has helped to make things more efficient. I'm working on a font at the moment that doesn't have very many straight lines, so I need to make a lot of modifications. The dynamic nature of the product can also start to open doors and expand horizons – I may start doing things that I might not have done in Illustrator. For example, I may not have tackled the font that has no straight lines, it would have been much more challenging.

Fonts hand-crafted by Michael

I'm now as comfortable with the new tools as I am with the original tools – I use them all the time. It's a very quick and elegant solution that has really changed my workflow.

Artwork copyright www.michaeldoret.com

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