On 21 June 2016, Adobe released the latest major round of updates for its Creative Cloud desktop apps. Within the updates was Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3. Curious about what's new? Graphics.com have this covered…

Here is all you need to know about updating your Illustrator installation, bringing your favourite Astute Graphics vector tools back into this latest version. Plus, we'll be covering how to take back a little more control in the versions of Illustrator present on your Mac or Windows machines!

Already installed or about to install Ai CC 2015.3?

If you make use of Astute Graphics' plug-ins – undoubtably proving to be critical to your workflow – we always recommend that you first check with us before installing Adobe's latest updates.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 was a little trickier as the name suggests it's merely a point update from CC 2015.2. Unfortunately the naming is a little confusing on this occasion as there will be no CC 2016, so this latest release is a halfway-house by maintaining a reference to last year, but in reality being a full new update with a new app folder, settings, etc. Internally CC 2015.3 is Illustrator v20, whereas CC 2015.2 was v19. Confused? Yep – we were too!

Therefore following updating your Adobe Illustrator, you will need to download the new Astute Graphics Unified Installer which has just been updated for CC 2015.3. To do this, log into your Astute Graphics account…

Log into my account
Having logged in, simply opt to download the installer at the top of your account page.

Once downloaded, quit Adobe Illustrator and run the new Unified Installer. You should then see the following options to install:

So long as CC 2015.3 is fully installed, the Unified Installer should automatically detect its presence and handle everything else for you!

Not yet started our FREE 14 day trials?

If you have yet to experience Astute Graphics' amazing vector toolsets, you can download the latest CC2015.3-compatible Unified Installer from this page:

Start your 14 day FREE trial
Note: even though Adobe have now reduced their trial period down to 7 days, we will be continue to ensure you get a full 14 days for our plug-ins. Each trial starts at the point of installation; if you want to test plug-ins individually and have more time to do so, please ensure you opt to only install the plug-ins you're ready to test via the Unified Installer.

Free update

Best news? We are releasing this update freely. If you're already using the latest version of any of our products, you will not be charged for CC 2015.3 compatibility.

Texturino and MirrorMe bug fixes

This Astute Graphics installer also brings the latest versions of our popular Texturino and MirrorMe plug-ins (both now at v1.2.1). Both products have received bug fixes to ensure enhanced stability.

Get more control with Creative Cloud app versions

It may not be immediately obvious, but Adobe allows many previous versions of its Creative Cloud desktop apps to co-exist. For example, it is possible to have both Illustrator CC 2015.2 and CC 2015.3 installed side-by-side. This is great if you want to ensure you maintain compatible versions for various reasons (including our plug-ins) in the future. Here's what you need to know…

Update your Creative Cloud app

The Creative Cloud app is separate from the individual creative programs. It is effectively a manager allowing you to install or de-install each or all of Adobe's CC offerings. To install the latest versions of the creative apps, you typically need to first install the CC app. You should have already had a prompt to do this automatically. Alternatively, open the CC app and you will see instructions how to do this.

Update Adobe Illustrator

In the Creative Cloud app, click on the Apps tab. You should now see the option to update Adobe Illustrator:

Click on the Update button.

Go Advanced

The next stage in the Creative Cloud update process is to opt for Advanced Options:

Keep the old in

With Advanced Options displayed, you should now be presented with two further check boxes:

Ensure you un-tick the option Remove old versions.

Once you have done this, click on the big blue Update button to continue the process.

Note: in this release, Adobe have withdrawn access to direct downloads for the creative apps. Full information about this may be found over at ProDesignTools (an affiliate website of Adobe Systems).

You now have it all

Following the download and installation (all automatically handled by the CC app manager), you should be able to see both Illustrator CC 2015 and the latest CC 2015.3 side-by-side in your apps folder:

If you wish to later remove previous versions, you can return to the Adobe CC apps manager, visit the Apps tab and twirl down the PREVIOUS VERSIONS section. Hover over the Illustrator entry and a feint cog wheel icon will appear. Clicking on this will reveal the option to Uninstall:

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