New Astute Graphics product range

What’s happening?

As you’ll have noticed the number of products we’re bringing out to you is rapidly increasing. We’re fully committed to continually developing innovative tools that are intuitive to use and that streamline your workflow. Did you know there are now over 100 functions in our products? All designed to help you work faster and smarter! But, although you love our products you have asked us to make some changes…


We’ve listened carefully to your feedback and realized the need to simplify our software to make it clear exactly what each product does and to make certain tools more available to a wider audience. So, our dedicated team has been working hard to make it clearer and simpler to understand what each product does and to get up and running with it as quickly as possible.


Starting with the launch of Rasterino, our existing range of Designer/Studio and Publisher levels will no longer be used. Instead, we have constructed 9 individual plug-ins with more specific toolsets. This gives greater clarity when purchasing a plug-in and makes it more cost effective for the user.

We will also be launching a new website in July which has been tailored around feedback from our users to make it more user friendly, informative and easy to navigate. Our blog has already been updated and will continue to feature regular tutorials, tips and case studies.


Changes to products

Note: All new products bought will qualify for CC compatibility upon our update releases.

Previous product range

  • Phantasm CS Designer / Studio / Publisher
  • VectorScribe Designer / Studio
  • DrawScribe
  • WidthScribe
  • ColliderScribe
  • SubScribe (FREE)

New product range


How does it affect me?

For our existing customers we are continuing to support all software. Please find out more by following the links below:

Phantasm CS Designer v2 (up to CS6) customers
Phantasm CS Studio v2 (up to CS6) customers
Phantasm CS Publisher v2 (up to CS6) customers

Phantasm CS Designer v2 (up to CS5) customers
Phantasm CS Studio v2 (up to CS5) customers
Phantasm CS Publisher v2 (up to CS5) customers

VectorScribe Designer (up to CS6) customers
VectorScribe Studio (up to CS6) customers

VectorScribe Designer (up to CS5) customers
VectorScribe Studio (up to CS5) customers

DrawScribe customers

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