When long time AG friend Carlos Garro agreed to produce artwork for the ColliderScribe2 launch we were thrilled! Read below to learn how he created the beautiful Mandala design.

The creation of mandalas has always intrigued and obsessed me, especially discovering that many distinct cultures and regions in our planet have used this type of design throughout millions of years. We can observe similarities between the designs of Mayans, Aztecs, Celtics, Arabs (and others).

This made think that there exists a special connection between the habitants of this planet and that we can express ourselves with this type of art. Thanks to the new capacities of ColliderScribe2 the elaboration of a complex design is simplified.

Although with MirrorMe we can achieve similar effects, the ability of being able to move elements in a determined way required a lot more time to execute. “Rotate at Collision” and “SpaceFill” were the options that inspired me to go back to the drawing board and start the original concept.



Module Elaboration

Using InkScribe and MirrorMe I elaborated 4 simple modules.

These were positioned using octagons and squares made with DynamicShapes as bases.



One of the big advantages of DynamicShapes is the ability of changing the shape (for another one) once it is made: for example I was able to change from octagon to a 8 pointed star, or a square using the control panel. This way I can convert a simple shape into a more complex one.




Using as a reference some of the "anchor points" of the modules, bigger modules were generate putting them over different positions over the base shapes.




With a little help from PathScribe I converted the stars into flowers by selecting the external points and converting them to a smooth points and by reediting the segments later individually.



For one of the flowers y used the option “Add Points to Selected Segments” using Bezier Spacing, this way we can place elements over these new "anchor points".





In two of the elements I used Space Fill, and in the other WidthStamp and Denimaker. For some details I used Pattern Brushes and some shadows via Stylism.











Move and reposition objects in a natural way. Fill an object with others including the beauty of randomness. No doubt: ColliderScribe2 is a guaranteed success.


Big big thank you to Carlos for sharing this, we love the Mandala! 

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I didn't know Illustrator could do that!

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