You may wish to either Deactivate or Uninstall your plug-ins, depending on whether you want to remove them temporarily or more permanently.


  • If you are using the Astute Manager, you can Deactivate or Uninstall simply by clicking on either the Deactivate or Uninstall buttons next to the plugin (please see here for a guide to doing so).


  • If you are still using our older Unified Installer, then the below guide will talk you through the processes for both.


 Please note that we allow installation and activation on up to two computers used exclusively by the same person. For example: If you have a machine only you work on in your office, and your own machine at home, you can install and activate on both machines (this applies to both Windows and/or Mac OS computers, be they desktop, laptop, tablet, etc).

If you wish for further colleagues to also use the products, additional licenses will need to be purchased as the volume of licenses required will reflect the number of users. You can watch a video and read more about our Licensing here. 



There are a number of circumstances under which you may wish to either deactivate or uninstall your plug-ins, some examples are:


  • You have 3 machines and you want to use your plug-in(s) on the 3rd computer for a short time. In this case you would transfer your license(s) from one machine to another (temporarily) without uninstalling.
  • You are sending your laptop away for maintenance, and you’re going to be using another one temporarily, during this time you want to use your plug-in license(s) on this temporary computer.



  • You use the plug-in(s) in your job but you’ve been given a new computer and your old computer is going to be given to someone else in the company.
  • You are selling or discarding your computer




When in Illustrator, go to Illustrator CC >



About Plug-in name (in this example DynamicSketch) >



When the DynamicSketch box appears, click on Deactivate (as circled below)


You will be prompted to confirm that you want to remove the license code from your computer, click Yes




Next you will be prompted to enter your computer password



Your plug-in is now deactivated




When you are ready to reactivate it, simply deactivate the license from the other machine that you have been using, then in Illustrator go to Help > Astute Graphics > Licensing Summary and click Activate.




To uninstall your plug-in(s), first ensure that you have quit Illustrator, then run the installer again.

At the stage where you can select the plug-ins, tick the box next to the plug-in(s) that you wish to uninstall (circled in red below), then tick on the uninstall option (circled in green below).



You will see indication that you have chosen to uninstall (circled in red below). Click on install (circled in green below) to continue.



You will then be prompted to enter your computer password.



Your plug-in is now uninstalled



If you wish to reinstall it on the same machine, simply login to your customer account,  download and run the latest installer, tick the box next to the plug-in and complete the installation process again.



Installation Guide

For a step by step guide to installing the plug-ins, please refer to our Installation Guide 


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