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Since this article was originally published, DrawScribe has been separated into two individual plug-ins:

Existing customers of DrawScribe can find full details of how this affects their licenses by reading this article.



InkScribe preview

Now that we have revealed the new Astute Graphics plugin for Adobe Illustrator, DrawScribe, from now until the launch in early March, we will be showing more of the forthcoming product via the final tutorial videos.

We begin by introducing our replacement for the Pen tool. InkScribe has been developed to answer many of the issues which have hindered the vector creation process over the past 25 years. inkScribe is a combination of powerful functionality, ease of use and perfect integration into Illustrator — and any user's creative workflow. Watch the movie via YouTube to learn more:

When released, the full range of tutorial movies referenced in this movie will be made available.

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I didn't know Illustrator could do that!

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