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DynamicSketch v2 has just been released making sketching a true joy in Adobe Illustrator! Regardless whether you use a mouse, trackpad, Wacom, Surface Pro or any other Mac or Windows device, it will bring a whole new dimension to your creative and illustrative potential. Find our what's new…

In today's article you will learn about the new DynamicSketch functions that will allow you to draw in a more natural manner. The Preview Stroke Widths feature gives you the opportunity to see the width of the sketch path in the process of creation and the Pulled Cursor feature simulates the tip of the brush, the length of which can vary. This allows you to create smooth curves and makes the path less dependent on slight movements of the stylus that are mostly done by error. Moreover, there exist many improvements for the convenience and speed of the drawing process

New features


Preview Stroke Widths (set by default in the DynamicSketch Preferences dialog) now shows a preview of the width of the sketch path as it is being drawn.



Pulled Cursor lets you connect a virtual string of a user-defined length between the cursor and the drawing point, allowing you to draw smoother curves.



The Preferences dialog now includes a Settings Manager for saving and loading settings files.



Automatically Add Stroke preference (set by default) adds a stroke (if necessary) to the current style when drawing a variable width stroke sketch path.



Allow Drawing With Fill preference controls whether the DynamicSketch tool will keep the fill of the current style (similar to the native Pencil tool).





You can now use the 'E' key to toggle the Edit/Continue Path setting for the path being drawn.




The Close Paths preference now has the option Never.



Paths can now be trimmed by using the eraser end of a tablet stylus.



When New Paths Have Basic Appearance is off, brushes and other styles are now retained when drawing new variable width stroke sketch paths, even if Keep Selected is on.



Sketch Path indicators can now be shown in a smaller size.



Now you have the option to turn the automatically opening DynamicSketch panel on and off with DirectPrefs.



You can now reset the DynamicSketch panel to its default settings with a new panel fly-out menu item, Reset Panel to Defaults.



Clicking on the panel Accuracy or Smoothness icons will now reset the corresponding value to its default.



The "Save/Manage Graphs" menu has been moved so that it is now adjacent to the graph itself.



With the dark theme, the panel graph now has a dark background by default (though this can be changed using the free DirectPrefs plug-in).




The Dynamic Sketch tool now appears in the same tool group as the Pencil tool.



There are new preferences such as GPU-Compatible preview, and some default preference settings have been modified to make DynamicSketch work better e.g.

  • On the panel the Edit, Continue and Join Paths tool mode function is on by default
  • The Sketching Speed graph default is an inverse graph (so it works like a real pen)


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