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When VectorScribe was released in May, we took the decision to provide the user manual as a series of movies. This has proven to be a very popular move which has resulted in users being more aware of the extensive toolset found in VectorScribe than would otherwise have been achieved via a traditional written manual.

It is now our great pleasure to make available all the key VectorScribe introductory movies in German (click here). This is thanks to Monika Gause, a freelance author, designer and trainer who evidently enjoys explaining things to people. Monika's curiosity earned her experience in the field of bread-and-butter print jobs, in multi-media-production (some video-editing, 3D-animation, a bit of authoring) and web-design. Monika is also the author of the German language Illustrator user's bible Illustrator CS5 – Das umfassende Handbuch (ISBN 978-3-8362-1588-6) and creator of Vektorgarten –

If you want to catch Monika imparting her knowledge of Illustrator, she will be speaking on 24 June in Berlin at Das Cleverprinting Know-How-Paket 2011 (ticket availability limited).

Both Astute Graphics and Monika would like to hear back from German language users to see if these movies are of use which will allow us to judge whether a further series of translations are desired. You can contact Astute Graphics by clicking here…

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Monika Gause's work in translating these movies was done without financial gain on her part. Monika, who is not otherwise associated with Astute Graphics, very kindly gave her time for the Illustrator and VectorScribe community. The translation of the movies does not constitute as an official endorsement of the VectorScribe plugin by Monika.

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