End of support for Adobe Illustrator CS5

The time has finally come for Astute Graphics to end support on all new releases for Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Due to the ever-expanding set of Creative Cloud releases along with CS6, support has to cease for CS5 for practical reasons. And with the CC releases now coming more regularly, our increased support cycle for new releases has to prioritise the latest version on both Windows and Mac.

Astute Graphics Unified Installer v1.1.5 support for CS6 to CC2015.3

Continued support for Illustrator CS6

With CS6 being the last non-Cloud release, as well as being the first major version following a significant internal overhaul by Adobe, we are planning to maintain CS6 compatibility for as long as possible. At present we don't see any requirement to consider end-of-life plans for CS6 and our plug-ins.

The main issue to maintaining a non-Cloud workflow will be CS6's compatibility with the latest operating system releases. Adobe no longer support CS6, but as we are currently supporting Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.7 to 10.12 for all plug-ins, this operating system compatibility question is not an issue for our immediate releases.

Which plug-ins does this affect?

The release of Stipplism in October 2015 was our first new plug-in to only support CS6 and above. This was followed by Texturino, which arrived earlier this year. Therefore the plug-ins which now drop support for CS5 are:

…and all products to be released from this date onwards.

Please note: Customers using CS5 will be unable to install our free plug-in DirectPrefs, as it is only compatible with CC and CS6.


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