"Each time the magic happens in Hereford it's revealed to a small group of very lucky people, high octane gasoline is injected into our creative engines!

Each year we are surprised several times with creative tools beyond our imagination.

My first creation with Stipplism would be a typographical poster, where each letter would be formed by a series of effects and textures overlapped over each other. First idea: a group of objects forming another object (in fact I thought of something like a shoal). The “Symbol Stipple” option was the one that called my attention.

Initial Preparation

Starting from an initial sketch, in 1280 x 720 px "video ready document" I wrote Stipplism in the center of the document in an exclusive layer. With the “Touch Type Tool” I changed the scale, the rotation and the spacing of each letter.

With the desired result, I duplicated the layer. In this layer I converted the text into outlines using the “Type > Create Outlines” command. I ungrouped the result for better individual control.

I established two new layers: a background and a new copy of the outlined text.

Symbol Preparation

With the Blob Brush, I drew an arrow that I improved it with “Smart Remove Brush Tool”. This will be the base for my symbol. I converted the arrow into a symbol by clicking the “New Symbol” button in my palette.

I made 5 copies of the original arrow, then modified their color, size and rotation.

I selected the options to create variants for the original symbol using “Object > Create Symbol Variants”. I check the "Deleted Selected Art Creation" option.

Symbol Stipple

Going back to the work layer “Letters” I assigned a Grey to White gradient to each letter individually, playing with the different angles.

In an independent manner the “Symbol Stipple” was applied to every letter taking care of the arrow concentration in the lower part.

I assigned a light grey to a new copy of the letters and I generated the spiral effect using "Width Stamp”. I moved this new layer in between the letters with the arrows and letters with orange background.

For the White lines that give the sketch feel, I cut in a new layer another copy of the original vectors of the letters and some where extended with "Extend Path Tool". A width of 2 pts was assigned to each line and it was colored with a gradient from white to transparent.

Each line was assigned a traditional “Stipple”.

Final Details

I placed a new "White to Black" background gradient in a 90º angle which will be filled with new symbols drawn in "InkScribe”.

One of objects is saved as a symbol, then selected the rest and “Object > Create Symbol Variants” is applied again.

As a final detail I wrote the Stipplism, converted each letter into a symbol that was added to the faces.

I can only imagine what Astute Graphics is planning for the next surprise, but for now we will continue to explore the possibilities."

Thank you Carlos Garro for taking he time to write this blog post and share with us all how you created this stunning artwork! Please check out Carlos' Behance profile here.

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