Chris Coffin is a 24-year-old Freelance graphic & web designer. Born and raised in Montreal, he graduated with a college degree in Graphic Design in 2012, and has worked in the industry for over 5 years. He has an incredibly creative & artistic mind, with a fiery passion for art in all its forms !

He has recently begun marketing his skills & services individually as a freelance artist, cleverly branding himself as Seek Often, and is actively looking to spread his creativity to the furthest reaches of the internet.

His specialty is illustration, branding, & logo design though he has plenty of experience in various other kinds of projects, and is always eager to learn new things.

While I was re-educating myself on the most up-to-date versions of Adobe’s applications, I was promptly drawn to Astute Graphics for having revolutionary tools that would improve & streamline my workflow within Illustrator!

As an avid user of Illustrator for about 7 years, I had become rather quick and efficient in Illustrator using its native tools, so I was certainly skeptical at first! However, after just a few short hours of using the tools from the demo, I was totally sold! I have since followed all the tutorials, and learned as much as possible about all the software. I’m constantly finding new ways to incorporate the tools into my daily workflow.

For a submission to this months contest, I decided to use my “low-poly portrait of Rick Grimes, from the Walking Dead”. I’m a big fan of the series, both as a graphic novel and a television show, and I wanted to pay an artistic homage to it, in the best way that I could. The art was made entirely in Illustrator using only the InkScribe tool from Astute Graphics. 

While I was gridding it out, and drawing the outlines of each segment in the art, I found it rather useful to use the Dynamic Measure tool, to make sure certain parts were either uniform, or varied in dimensions, depending on what was required.

Considering it was made with triangles, I likely could have used the Pen tool with the same end result, however, because I was able to take advantage of the “close / join path” function inside InkScribe, I made quick work of the (admittedly repetitive) task at hand. And when it comes to being productive, any little shortcut can save you tons of time in the end. (insert finalrickgrimes.jpg)
I’ve also begun to experiment by using the MirrorMe tool on other low-poly portraits that are meant to be more symmetrical.

I also find myself using the InkScribe & Pathscribe tools (within VectorScribe) constantly on both old artwork (to clean up and smooth out lines) and new artwork (to quickly and accurately draw the exact paths I want, or experiment with other).

 And finally, I absolutely love the smart remove brush tool, as it truly helps to tidy up & organize my work into a more easily manageable element.

Here are some other works in progress wherein I’m making heavy use of Astute Graphics tools.


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