Here at Astute Graphics we're always on the look our for amazing artwork being produced using our plug-ins. David Figueiras from The Toon Planet showed us one of his pieces using DynamicSketch and VectorScribe and we couldn't resist getting him on the Blog to tell the world a little about who he is and what he does, enjoy! 



Since I was kid, I always have felt a strong passion for illustration, design and computers. In my childhood, I would spent most of my time drawing my favourite characters from cartoons, manga and video games.

Luckily, I have been able to built a solid career towards this passion and currently I am working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in my own studio, TheToonPlanet. Some of my areas of expertise are vector illustration, character, icon and logo design, so the 90% of the projects I develop are made with adobe Illustrator. And here is where Astute Graphics plugins are essential.



Most of the times I draw basic ideas and sketches with pencil and paper, but before not having AG plugins, I had to vectorize my pencil drawings and spend lots of hours working with the pen tool to get perfect vector lines and shapes. When I discovered DynamicSketch and VectorScribe plug-in, I was impressed with the capacity and posibilies of these amazing tools. In little time I get used to these new plugins, I was able to draw perfect vector shapes in 50% of the time I spent before.



As you can see in the animated gif below and in the time-lapse video, in first place, my procedure for creating an illustration is based on drawing open lines in a new layer over the sketch layer.



Most of the times, I deactivate the pressure feature due to have a regular stroke. If you take a look at the DynamicSketch panel, you will find other interesting options. My prefered is the one that allows you to edit and redraw a selected line. With this, you will be able to modify strokes exactly like you want in little time. Besides, if I am creating isolated plain shapes (for simple logos, icons, etc), an interesting feature is to active the intelligent path joining that will trim and close your open lines getting perfect corners automatically.


Right after that, I proceed to trim the part of the strokes that I do not need (Holding shift + drawing a perpendicular line across the one I want to eliminate). Finally, I expand all the lines and use livepaint to color the image. Also, when I am designing logos or icons, I find Dynamic Corners and Pathscribe tools specially useful and time-saving.


Summarizing, DynamicSketch,VectorScribe and Inkscribe, have reduced the time I spend in designing vector illustrations significantly and also they have improved the overall quality of them. I will not use defeault Adobe Illustrator tools anymore, because Astute Graphics plugins really make a difference.

Huge thanks to David for taking the time to write this article and share his story and artwork with us. We all look forward to seeing what he produce's next! 

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