January's Astute Graphics Twitter competition winner was Doc Reed, as the winner of #AGjanuary2015 Doc has won his design on a mug so he can think of us every time he hits the caffeine! Doc is a designer and illustrator with over 12 years experience in illustration, logo design and branding.

Keep reading to see how Doc used our plug-ins and the inspiration for creating his artwork in his own words! 

"My relationship with Illustrator started back in 1999-2000. There have been several tools that have improved over the years. However, they never seemed to really push the envelope the way the Astute Plug-ins have over the years. 
I'm not the only one to have been influenced by the work of Von Glitschka. In truth, Von put Astute on the radar for me. Watching his tutorials and workflow videos, I saw tools that functioned the way I wished Illustrator would work natively.
 For this piece I found VectorScribe's Smart Remove Brush Tool to be a life saver. Most of my work typically starts as a thumbnail that is then tightened up before entering the computer.
In the past scanning a pen and ink art proved a tall order for Illustrator. Due to the extra points left over from Image Trace.
Enter Astute Graphics, which made my life easier . This single aspect allowed my files to save faster and not be bloated with unnecessary data.
In the past I would have started laying in these highlight and shadow shapes with the native pencil tool. With Astute’s DynamicSketch tool, I’m able to complete these shapes quicker and with fewer points.
If you still like the pencil tool, InkScribe is an easy way to close paths and alter the points to be smooth or a corner with out having to switch between tools. 

Final Vector Art

Vector art taken in to photoshop to add some textures and color variations using Kyle T Webster’s brushes. I believe I used brushes from the Watercolour and the Dry Media Pack. 

Final sticker design

Obviously, there are amazing aspects of these plug-ins that I haven't touched on. I do look forward to seeing what will be create in the future with the help of these plug-ins.” 

Doc with his winning design on his very own mug!

Thanks so much Doc for entering, we all love the design. Please continue to enjoy our plug-ins and attend the Webinars!


You can also check out our previous blog on the last Twitter competition winner by clicking here. If you want to take part in next months please tweet your designs to #AGfebruary2015 now!

Please note: you don't have to make a design specifically for this competition, you can use previous work providing you have the necessary permissions if needed.

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