Our Twitter competition is gathering momentum nicely! This month's winner is Eduardo Martinez. As the winner of #AGaugust2014, Eduardo has won a unique mug with his awesome design on, printed and produced by Imprint Revolution. Keep reading to see how Eduardo started using our plug-ins and the inspiration for creating his design! 

Right before Astute Graphics was well known, I was always looking for Illustrator tools/plug-ins to better my workflow and productivity. Then towards the end of 2009, Phantasm CS came out and I fell in love with the Photoshop control-like features. I purchased it and instantly placed Astute Graphics on my bookmarks bar because I had a great feeling things were coming from Astute Graphics. Sure enough, a year later, other excellent plug-ins started coming such as VectorScribe and I was surely impressed.

El Diablito illustration came about when Illustrative Designer Von Glitschka was running the 21-Day Drawing Challenge and I had produced the sketch for one of the challenges. Since I liked the sketch a lot, I couldn’t resist to illustrate it. I did not want to spend too much time creating the vector illustration so I turned to MirrorMe, Stylism and VectorScribe and speed up the process which I was happy with the result. VectorScribe is my go-to plugin and I currently own WidthScribe, SubScribe, Stylism, Phantasm, MirrorMe, InkQuest, InkScribe, DynamicSketch, and Autosaviour.

I know plug-ins won't make you a better designer or illustrator but it will definitely produce a faster workflow and save lots of time. I cannot wait to see what Astute Graphics has in store for us next!

Eduardo Martinez

Keep an eye on our upcoming blogs to witness the creation process for this awesome mug, courtesy of Imprint Revolution! You can also check out our previous blog on the last Twitter competition winner by clicking here. If you want to take part this month please tweet your designs to #AGseptember2014.

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I didn't know Illustrator could do that!

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