Congratulations to May’s Twitter Competition Winner Marco. We loved his design and as prize he received his design on a poster! Continue reading to see why he loves to use Astute Graphics plug-ins in his workflow. 
My name is Marco Polenta, I'm 45, I live in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) and I work as graphic designer and responsible for the visual communication at AEW, a local big electric power provider. 
I have a degree in Zoology, but right after the degree I started working as illustrator and graphic designer, following my dreams.
I learned about Astute Graphics a few years ago on a precedent workplace. AG plug-ins soon became essential for my work: InkScribe and DynamicSketch became my weapons of choice, but also Mirror Me, Rasterino and WidthScribe. Not forgetting Autosaviour: which was love at the first sight. Ah, I forgot Phantasm. Phantasm's developers deserve a monument. Period.
For this illustration I used massively the DynamicSketch Tool and the InkScribe Tool from Astute Graphics do draw and refine the many shapes of the drawing. 
I must say, gesture trimming is my favourite feature. It reminds me of the built in drawing tool of the Apple Newton Message Pad, if you know what I mean…
I usually draw a sketch on paper and then redraw it in Illustrator, but with Dynamic Sketch and Ink Scribe I managed to keep everything digital.
It was a long, long work, and this plugins were very helpful and saved me a lot of time.
I assembled then all the shapes into the final layers. 
It's a simple illustration, after all, but your plugins helped me in making it even simplier.
I then added the textures using Rasterino to quickly manage the editing and the fine tuning of the bitmap images. 
Last but not least, the Autosaviour Plugin, which helped me not to go insane when something went wrong and Illustrator crashed.
I owe you a couple of beers. Thank you again!
To be honest, AG plugins are so essential for my work that I can't tell you exactly where or when I used them. I just notice their absence when I have to work on someone else's Illustrator.
Congratulations Marco and we hope you like your poster! Please check out his profiles here.
If you want to take part in this month’s competition please tweet your designs with the hashtag #AGjuly15 now!


Please note: you don’t have to make a design specifically for this competition, you can use previous work providing you have the necessary permissions if needed.

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