With Stipplism's release comes awesome artwork to show off what you can achieve with this amazing new plug-in. Maria Alejandra Hong sent in her artwork produced with Stipplism and we loved it so much it has become one of the official Stipplism example artworks!

"Well it`s that wonderful time of the year again! Halloween, nah just kidding, well yeah it’s Halloween but it’s also time for a new Astute Graphics release – Stipplism!

Stipplism’s greatest feature is Symbol Stipple because you can add a variety or just one symbol to your gradient meshes or mesh tool meshes, solids, or anything with a colour value to it. This gives you a fill capacity similar to the Space fill feature in ColliderScribe v2 plus the manoeuvrability of a colour gradient to manage how dense it’s going to be.

 Yup it’s like Christmas in October. So, I wanted to go a Hallo-weenie, and then I remembered my favourite super-villain from The Real Ghost-busters, Samhain.

It all starts with a sketch and an idea, my design was of Samhain raising from the flames, ok so now I have Sanheim and the flames.

So far so good, but it`s a little simple, too boring. I dig the colors,and the “comic” qualities I’ve been able to give it with the DynamicSketch tool however the fire is “blocky” it needs air.

Here is one of the flames using Symbol Stipple, one of the tools within Stipplism.

Making the flames come to life is easy, just go to your effects panel and locate the Stipplism effect. (In CS6 effect > Stipplism

Once here you´ll find a load of different options but don't fret not it’s a lot simpler than it looks. (Plus it will give you tons of control over the end result)

Ok so the seed, if you`re familiar with ColliderScribe 2 you’ll find the same feature. If not it’s a number that “describes” the way the symbol(s) will be planted. If you like the result you can always write down the number and have the same distribution.

Then there’s the dot settings; these are the ones that have to do with the symbol itself. First I chose my symbol (and if you have variants those too). Then there`s the overall scale and rotation, that you can change, I love to shake things up here, because that way I get more movement, and that airy feeling I’m going for here.

It’s optional to do the rotation follows paths and use the registration points but its to give more choices.

And last but not least; “colorize" this was important because  the original symbol is super “blah” and it needs that flame baam.

Ok, now “we’re cooking” the flames are airy and fluff.

Right – when there are flames, some ashes are bound to turn up right?

And we cannot have old boring plain ashes with those gorgeous flames. So we symbol styple them too, I did put them in two different layers (as with the flames) so I can get my character ingulfed in the bonfire.

And just to add a bit of drama I added this big full moon with some sprayed symbols on it."

Thank you very much to Maria Alejandra Hong for sharing how she produced her scary Halloween inspired piece – you can view Alejandra's work here www.behance.net/Flyingpigart.

Keep an eye on our blog for further Stipplism inspired artwork.

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