We at Astute Graphics first became aware of Musketon following a number of Tweets including us and him following him featuring on and Adobe Masterclass using our products! So naturally we got in touch and asked him a few questions to find out why he likes our tools:

"Musketon is the alter ego of 25 year old illustrator Bert. I’ve always been scribbling and doodling and a few years ago I took a leap of faith"

Where did you first learn about AG plug-ins?

The first time I heard about Astute Graphics is via a friend, Hugo. He's my go to guy to print stickers and is doing an awesome job at it. Feel free to check out www.stickerapp.com for all your adhesive needs (not sponsored, just a happy client haha). While opening my files to get them print ready, he noticed some of my ways of working were illogical. He suggested I surfed over to your website to get my workflow on point and more professional. Ever since that point I've been working much efficiently!

What did you think when you first started using them?

The first plug-in I bought was DynamicSketch. I remember, after watching the tutorial video, it being so straight forward and an absolute eye opener. All of a sudden my workflow got so much faster. Quikly after the first purchase I started buying some more plug-ins that seemed useful to me. Today I'm hooked on at least 4 plug-ins making my daily live a happier place.

How did you decide which plug-ins to get first?

I remember downloading them all for free without deciding which one would actually be useful to my workflow. After the free trial I kept the ones I loved and said goodbye to the ones I actually didn't use. For me DynamicSketch and Phantasm are absolute winners.

How do they assist you in your workflow and what you enjoy about them?

Like I said before, for me it's all about speed and efficiency. I believe I doing more and better work ever since I started using the plug-ins. Which allow me to spend more time to relax and personal work. I like that they are very intuitive and blend in so well with the actual software package. It doesn't feel sketchy or ill programmed which I think is an absolute must. What I like the most is that they are actually so easy to use and affordable for anyone.

Nowadays I use the plug-ins on every single illustration I put online. I used DynamicSketch in the illustration below to control my lines in a better way. I use strokes and I want to cut them up really easy and super fast with out expanding or what not. I know Adobe added the Shape Builder, butI think Astute Graphics is still doing a better job with DynamicSketch."


Thanks so much to Musketon for sharing a little about why he uses our plug-ins – you can check out his website here www.musketon.com

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