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This month's Astute Graphics Twitter competition winner is Rocky Bergen. As the winner of #AGseptember2014, Rocky has won a unique mug with his awesome design on, printed and produced by Imprint Revolution. Keep reading to see how Rocky used our plug-ins and the inspiration for creating his artwork in his own words! 

Hi, I'm Rocky Bergen (aka Rockasoo), a 38 year-old Manitoba-based artist and designer. I am the Creative Director at Image Productions in Winnipeg, where we cater to a wide range of clients including a major local hotel chain.

As an artist, I enjoy taking personally significant childhood imagery and experiences and making them a major component of my personal work. My art-related interests include, toys, games, fashion, 3D printing as well as conceptual and performance-based work.

I am excited to be the winner of Astute Graphics’ #AGseptember2014 contest. I have over 20 years of experience working with Adobe Illustrator, and it's an even more useful program with the addition of the amazing Astute Graphics tools.




Rocky's winning image!


To produce the image’s intense textures, I used high-resolution bitmap scans of vintage screen tones. These scans were inserted and cropped in Illustrator using Astute Graphics’ excellent Rasterino tool. Finally, clipping masks were applied to each of these tones to create the final image.

If you are interested in seeing my personal work as it develops, please feel free to Follow me at any of the social media feeds below:

Keep an eye on our upcoming blogs to witness the creation process for this awesome mug, courtesy of Imprint Revolution! You can also check out our previous blog on the last Twitter competition winner by clicking here. If you want to take part in next months please tweet your designs to #AGnovember2014 when you see the tweet go out to open the competition.

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