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The VectorFirstAid plug-in is designed to clean up files in Adobe Illustrator. With the use of this plug-in, you can also improve the organization and editability of vector objects. Dozens of routine, time-consuming operations are now automated. Less routine, more time for creativity!

In today's article you will learn how to check and clean an open document.

To open the VectorFirstAid panel, go to Window > VectorFirstAid > VectorFirstAid panel.

To start the document checkup manually, you must click on the Check Document button.

It is also possible to automate the checking process by clicking on the schedule button. In the window shown below you will see various options which will be covered in later tutorials, but you may wish to begin experimenting with these now.

You can choose what you want to have checked when launching the checkup manually or automatically. To do this, select Configure in the Manual checkups drop-down menu or in the Auto checkups drop-down menu.

Now select the appropriate available operations and move them to an empty field with the help of the right arrow. You can delete operations from the list using the left arrow.

Now save the new profile, then you can use it in the Manual checkups drop-down menu.

After the checkup is done the Checkup Results list of the existing problems will appear.

If you click on the Show button, the area with the chosen problem from the list will be highlighted with the magenta marker.

To fix the selected problems or to fix all of the problems, there are Fix Selected and Fix All buttons, respectively.

The checkup of complex vector artworks can take quite a while, if you need to stop the checkup (and when you want to turn it on again) you can use the pause/play button.

Finally, all available operations are in the fly-out menu of the VectorFirstAid panel.

Learn more about VectorFirstAid

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