In today's tutorial you will learn how to create pictures in pointillism style, and for that you don't need to know how to draw. Paints and brushes are not required. All you need is Stipplism and a few bitmap images that you can work with using the help of Rasterino and Phantasm, without leaving Illustrator. So let's start painting together!

Step 1

To create a landscape in pointillism style I'm going to use "Beautiful sunset above the sea" and "Yacht sailing against sunset" images from Shutterstock. Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image (Wikipedia). Insert the first image into a new Illustrator's document (File > Place…) and embed it by clicking the Embed button on the Control panel.

Step 2

In my plan the texture should differ in different areas of a landscape. This can be achieved through the direction of color smears. Horizontal direction is suitable for water, while for the sky it is best to use circular smears that defines the shape of the sun.

I will have to divide the bitmap image into two parts along the edge of the water surface. I also want to crop an image in a different way, so that the sun is closer to the right hand edge. Horizontal and vertical guides in the image below illustrate cutting lines.

Step 3

To crop an image directly in Adobe Illustrator we use Rasterino. Select the image, take the Crop Image Tool, then move the bounding box towards the vertical guide.

Now click Check Mark icons in the annotation or press Enter / Return key. The unnecessary pixels are immediately removed.

Step 4

Duplicate the rest of the image (Cmd / Ctrl + C, Cmd / Ctrl + F). Select the upper image, take the Crop Image Tool and move the lower part of the bounding box towards the horizontal guide, and then click Check Mark icons.

Select the bottom image, take the Crop Image Tool and move the upper part of the bounding box towards the horizontal guide, and then click Check Mark icons.

This way, we have divided the image into two parts.

Step 5

Now we can start creating colorful smears which reproduce the effect of a painting. This can be done using Stipplism. First create a simple symbol, which will be the artist's brush stroke. Draw a horizontal segment and apply to it the stroke of any color with the Round Cap.

Then save the object as a new symbol in the Symbols panel

Select the image of the sea, then go to Effect > Stipplism > Symbol Stipple…. Choose the desired symbol from the list, tick Colorize and Sample Object, this will allow us to color our paint strokes with the colors of the image lying beneath. Then adjust the parameters in order to achieve the desired result. I significantly increased Density and slightly reduced the Overall Scale.

A moment later, the sea is drawn.

Step 6

Now to start drawing the sky. As I said at the beginning of this tutorial, we will be imposing strokes on the sky in circles. Create a series of concentric circles so that their centers coincide with the center of the sun.

Group up the circles and bitmap image of the sky (Cmd / Ctrl + G) and keeping it selected, go to Effect > Stipplism > Symbol Stipple…. Tick Rotation Follows Paths – this option determines the direction of the symbols according to previously created circles, select Colorize and Sample Object, increase the Density.

Now the entire sunset scene is painted, it's time to create the yacht.

Step 7

Place an image of the yacht into the document. Previously I removed the white background in Photoshop.

After some experimentation, I realized that in order to achieve the best results you need to separate the sails and the boat. If you, as well as myself, need additional correction of the image in Photoshop after pasting it into the Illustrator's document, and you are using Rasterino in your work, you can use the In-line editing of embedded images feature. Simply select an image and click Edit Image button in the Rasterino panel (Window > Rasterino > Rasterino panel). This will open the image in a temporary Photoshop file. Now you can edit the image as you wish. Save the file in Photoshop (File > Save), then go back to Illustrator and click on the Update Image button in the Rasterino panel.

Step 8

Place the yacht on a sunset landscape, now apply to the boat and its reflection the Darken blending mode in the Transparency panel.

I think the boat and reflection in the water are too bright for the current scene. Phantasm can help to make them darker. Go to Effect > Phantasm > Brightness / Contrast… and reduce the amount of Brightness in the dialog box.

Step 9

Now we just have to convert the yacht bitmap image into a vector image in the pointillism style. Select the boat and reflection, then go to Effect > Stipplism > Stipple… and set the parameters indicated in the picture below.

I applied the same effect with similar parameters to the sail. Picture of a sailboat in sunset rays is ready.

Thanks to Stipplism creating pointillism art is now possible directly in Illustrator.

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