Today you will learn how to create cute comic cartoon text, using a very simple technique and convenient tools in the WidthScribe plug-in. We won’t need to search for a suitable texture to create distressed text effect; we cansimply generate it with the help of Stipplism.

Step 1

Create "Comic Style" inscription, which letters represent a uniform straight and curved segments.

Now transform uniform paths into variable width path with the help of the WidthScribe. We will use the Width Gradient Tool, open its panel (Window > WidthScribe > Width Gradient panel). Here select Linear mode, set the maximum and minimum width of the path and choose Default Graph (linear relationship) in the drop down menu of the panel.

Step 2

Select the first letter, take the Width Gradient Tool in the Tools panel and holding the mouse button, stretch a Width Gradient. Red annotation shows us what kind of shape the letter will become after the mouse button is released.

It is a very easy0 and quick process. The direction of the Width Gradient and parameters in the Width Gradient panel depend on your intentions. It took me a few minutes to make get the necessary shape on all the letters.

The properties of variable width paths allow you to quickly edit the letters. You can change the direction of the path by reapplying the Width Gradient with other direction, and / or new parameters and finally edit any of the width markers, convenient access to which you get with the help of other tools of the WidthScribe plugin, Width Selector Tool and its panel (Window > WidthScribe > Width Selector panel).

Step 3

Now our task is to create a distressed effect on the generated letters. You do not need to search for sites with suitable textures, simply create them on your own if you are using Stipplism. Let's see how it's done. With the help of one of the drawing tools (Pencil Tool (N) or Dynamic Sketch Tool) create random shapes with black fill, similar to those shown in the picture below.

Save any shape as a symbol in the Symbols panel.

Select the remaining black shapes, then go to Object > Create Symbol Variants…. This feature will become available after installing Stipplism. In the open dialog box, select the necessary symbol from the drop down list.

Click OK, now the Symbols panel has several variants for the first symbol.

Step 4

Group all the letters (Cmd / Ctrl + G), then duplicate the group (Cmd / Ctrl + C; Cmd / Ctrl + F).

Select the upper text, recolor the stroke of the text in white color and then go to Effect > Stylize > Inner Glow…. Choose black color for the effect of other parameters shown in the picture below, although they can be edited after the application of the following effect.

Step 5

Keeping the upper group selected, go to Effect > Stipplism > Symbol Stipple…. In the open dialog box, select the desired symbol and tick Include Variants option.

Choose other parameters in order to get something similar to what is shown in the following picture.

Step 6

Select the upper and bottom group with the text and click Make Mask button in the Transparency panel. Distressed effect is ready.

Now you can use the comic cartoon text in your design.

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