2D animator and Illustrator Ilias Sounas uses Texturino and Phantasm in much of his work. Here he tells us a little about his workflow, and explains why he finds these plug-ins so useful.



"My artwork mainly consists of vector illustrations, so Astute Graphics plug-ins are very useful for my workflow. My particular favourites are Texturino to add textures, and Phantasm to adjust colours and tints".



"For my Mazi-Mazie illustration, I wanted to give more personality with textures so that it doesn't look so clean like standard vector illustrations. Adobe Illustrator allows use of textures by default, but it's not particularly easy, and so for this approach I am always using the Texturino plug-in.

First I design all the shapes for my illustration. Next, when everything is finalised, I begin adding .png textures to groups or single objects. For an easy workflow, I have already created a handy library with interesting textures which fit my whimsical style".



"By using Texturino, I can give a visual style to my illustration which I would otherwise have to use Photoshop for. This way I'm able to achieve the desired results without switching between the two.

Another handy feature is the option to select the Blending Mode and Opacity of each texture, and even mask parts of it with a brush for subtle effects".



"The final step of every illustration I create is to use the handy Phantasm plug-in.

I especially find the option of Temperature/Tinting useful, as this option allows me to edit colours in a subtle way and make the overall colour palette look more unified".

Adobe illustrator is my standard tool for 99% of my workflow, so it's important to me that I have Astute Graphic plug-ins in my hands to make the design process easier.



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About Ilias Sounas

Ilias Sounas is an Illustrator and 2D animator based in a cloud high above the skies of Athens, Greece. He enjoys creating whimsical illustrations and funny characters in vector style.  He also designs illustrative infographics on a range of topics for various clients.

For more of Ilias’ work check out his social links:  Twitter | Facebook | Behance | Dribbble | Instagram | Vimeo | Tumblr | Creative Market |

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