Today, Adobe has released a series of software product updates including Illustrator CC2017.1.

Good news! Our current CC2017 version plug-ins remain compatible with this latest update. There should be no need for CC2017.0.X users to uninstall, re-install or re-license your favourite Astute Graphics tools. If you're already part of the Creative Cloud, simply go to your CC management app and update.

Some useful minor updates are featured in this update including an improved learning experience. It is long-recognised that Illustrator presents new users with a learning challenge and Adobe continues with its promising work in this direction including clear assistance bubbles…

The learning experience is something that is a major focus at Astute Graphics with huge improvements in our own tools planned throughout 2017 and beyond. We thoroughly recommend taking advantage of what's now on offer natively in Illustrator. And when you're done with these very quick start guides, head over to learn more core native and plug-in skills in our new #10MinSkills series!

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