At the beginning of January 2017, Adobe released a minor update to Illustrator CC2017 (to v21.0.1) followed less than a week later by a second "stability fix" Adobe release (now to v21.0.2). These have affected a small number of Astute Graphics customers, with Illustrator refusing to load after the update has been applied with the Astute Graphics plug-ins present.

What to do

  1. With any issue following an Adobe update, we always recommend that you first try uninstalling the plug-ins. You can do this by first quitting Illustrator, then re-running Astute Graphics' Unified Installer (available from your account page) and opting to remove all the plug-ins. Alternatively, Mac users can simply manually delete the plug-ins from the Illustrator CC2017 > Plug-ins folder whilst Windows users can use the standard Add/Remove Program mechanism to uninstall.
  2. Once uninstalled, open Illustrator to see if it is still crashing without the plug-ins present (if it crashes without the plug-ins present, then we would advise contacting Adobe).
  3. If Illustrator doesn't crash when the plug-ins have been removed – download the latest Astute Graphics Unified Installer from your account page and re-install. Restart your computer and then load Illustrator. This is likely to solve the issue and no further action will be required.
  4. If after reinstalling, Illustrator continues to crash upon startup – try resetting your Illustrator preferences. It’s good practice, very easy to do and will typically solve most issues with Illustrator and any installed plug-ins.

If this doesn't fix it

If you continue to experience problems after following these instructions, please contact us with the following details:

  • At what stage of Illustrator loading the crash occurs, including any error messages
  • Operating System (including point release)
  • Version of Illustrator (including point release
  • Which other plug-in/s do you currently have installed (AG or others)
  • Version of the plug-in causing issues
  • Whether the Astute Graphics plug-ins are in the trial period or fully licensed
  • If licensed, the confirmation of the email associated with your purchase

Stay informed

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