Following months of intensive development, we're proud to announce that one of our core technologies – Smart Point Removal – has been improved and is now available.

These updates are FREE to customers of VectorScribe v3, VectorFirstAid and InkScribeIf you are already a user of these plug-ins, simply run our new improved Unified Installer to update.

Whether smart point removing using VectorFirstAid, VectorScribe v3's Smart Remove Brush Tool or InkScribe, each process now features higher quality results and is faster with multi-threading technology.

If working on a 4 core processor Mac OS or Windows computer, you can expect approximately a 4x speed increase! This means less waiting for VectorFirstAid's amazing Super Smart Remove Points button, or a much more fluid interaction when brushing away points in VectorScribe.

 Product change notes

VectorFirstAid v1.1.0

  1. Improvement: Super Smart Remove is now multi-threaded, and is between two and six times faster of most common hardware; greater improvements possible on higher-end hardware.
  2. Improvement: "Remove Duplicate Art" now includes symbols and guides.
  3. Improvement: "Remove Duplicate Artboards" now has the option to also remove artboards which are identical (of the same size and at the same position).
  4. Bug fix: Removing unpainted paths no longer erroneously removes certain grouped paths inside compound clipping paths.
  5. Bug fix: Removing unnecessary clipping paths no longer erroneously changes a clipping path containing an unusual form of a nested clipping path.
  6. Bug fix: Warning symbols in the save/rename profile dialogs now appear properly.

VectorScribe v3.1.0

  1. Improvement: The Smart Remove Brush Tool now works faster when removing large numbers of points. Speed boost partly dependant on hardware as multicore processors are now being fully utilised.
  2. PathScribe's Smart Remove now gives better results with certain curve shapes.
  3. Improvement: The Reposition Point Tool can now be used in either accurate mode (slower, but better curve fidelity) or fast mode (smoother action, but the resulting bezier curve may not be quite as good); the mode can be switched in the tool Preferences or on the fly when using the tool by pressing the 'A' key.
  4. Improvement: The Reposition Point Tool's grab tolerance is now user-adjustable via the tool's Preference window.
  5. Improvement: The Save/Manage Settings dialogs in PathScribe and Dynamic Measure have been modernized.

InkScribe v1.7.2

  1. Improvement: Smart Removing anchor points now gives better results with certain curve shapes.
  2. Bug fix: Minor problems with renaming settings files fixed.


How to download Unified Installer v1.2.0

If you already have an Astute Graphics account, log into your account.

If you have not yet benefitted from Astute Graphics' productivity tools for Adobe Illustrator CS6 to the latest CC, start your 14 day FREE trial.

More information on the new improved Unified Installer can be found here.

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