DrawScribe has been separated into two individual plug-ins:

DynamicSketch: sketch naturally in vector
InkScribe: draw precisely and accurately in vector

These plug-ins have been separated to enable customers to acquire specific tools tailored to their needs at a more affordable cost.

What about my DrawScribe license?

Both the DynamicSketch and InkScribe plug-ins are available to all existing DrawScribe customers to install free of charge.

Each customer has been issued a new license for each which may be found by requesting a license key reminder email.

Once you receive your license key reminder email, you will find links to register your new DynamicSketch and InkScribe licenses. Once registered, the new keys are emailed to you.

Will my DrawScribe expire?

No. You can continue to use DrawScribe and use your existing DrawScribe license key on your DrawScribe installation(s) as normal.

Do I need to upgrade now?

At present (May 2013) there is no need and no advantage in doing so if you had already upgraded to DrawScribe v1.4.1. The functionality found in DynamicSketch v1.5 and InkScribe v1.5 is identical to that found in DrawScribe.

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