Following the creation of improved learning videos for Phantasm earlier in 2016 which was very well received by new and existing customers, we are looking to enhance the experience for DynamicSketch and InkScribe users in 2017.

Please help us by providing quick feedback in this special questionnaire…

Have your say to improve InkScribe and DynamicSketch


Please do not post comments on this post discussing the technicalities of these changes – use the link to the questionnaire and report there. Thank you!

Why the questions?

DynamicSketch and inkScribe are Adobe Illustrator's power tools for vector creation — the ultimate ageing Pen and Pencil tool replacements. Released by Astute Graphics in 2012 and originally grouped together as a single product called DrawScribe, they were separated in 2013 and made available as individual plug-ins to speed up every designer's workflow.

In 2015, we started on a programme of further improving the learning curve for our products. This included making clearer training videos, plus vastly reducing the time required to learn what you need to know. We also started to revisit how our products are presented in Illustrator to both new and experienced users. One simple-yet-effective example was the automatic opening of Texturino and VectorScribe v3 panels when the associated tools are selected.

As the suggested changes will affect users of InkScribe and DynamicSketch, we are asking for feedback whether you consider these to be positive or negative changes. From recent developments, we think they will benefit more than hinder, but if the responses show that they are not welcome by the majority, we will reconsider.

Does this mean InkScribe v2 and DynamicSketch v2 are imminent?

No. These changes are minor from a technical view-point (but potentially of great benefit to the user). So each plug-in would remain as v1.

Will any changes be chargeable?

No. All InkScribe v1 and DynamicSketch v1 licenses issued (including the complimentary licenses customers received following the DrawScribe product split in 2013) will continue to work. We have not charged for upgrades to InkScribe and DynamicSketch in the subsequent years with free upgrades for CS6, CC, CC17, CC2015 and CC2017 (plus updates to Windows and Mac OS).

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