Thanks to customer feedback and interaction, InkScribe has just become an even more convenient tool. We have changed the tool's location, default preferences and added new InkScribe's presets.

We are always thankful for your feedback and expert evaluation as it helps us to improve our products. So thank you! We hope you enjoy this new improved product.

New Location

InkScribe is now located in the Pen Tool group of the Tools panel.

Automatic panel opening

The InkScribe panel automatically opens when you choose the InkScribe Tool.

Panel icon changes

The InkScribe icons for Connector Recognition and Smart Smooth modes are now the same as the functions in the PathScribe panel.

Default preferences changes

"When Creating New Point, Ignore Drags of Less Than 10 pixels" is now set as default. It’s very easy to accidentally drag out small handles unintentionally, so this setting allows you to work more intuitively with less short handles – this is especially important for those using pressure sensitive devices such as Wacom’s.

The "Single-Click Point Creation Retracts Handles" is also now set as default. It’s familiar to many from the Pen Tool functionality. This is why users expect this kind of reaction from the tool.

The Annotation Color is now set to blue by default. The reason for this is that the color is not as distracting to users as the red one.

The "Annotation Location" is now set to Automatic by default as feedback suggested that this would be a more convenient option.

The "Distance From Point" has increased to 200px for the use of larger screens as standard.

The "Delay Annotation Display" is turned off by default as instant feedback is preferable.

New Presets

The Settings presets are provided in the Settings Manager. Here you can choose settings for icon building and for work with different display sizes and left and right handed touch devices. If you want to return to InkScribe’s previous functionality – just select the "InkScribe legacy" in the menu.

This update to InkScribe is free, if you already have InkScribe then to install the update please simply login to your customer account and download and run the latest installer, you can then select InkScribe to install the latest version.

Please note: If you are a VectorScribe v2 customers who does not yet wish to upgrade to VectorScribe v3, you can still run our latest installer. However, you will need to untick VectorScribe on the installer (as shown below) to ensure that version 2 remains available in Illustrator (more information on this can be found here).

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