This guide will take you through the process of downloading and installing your plug(in)s. (We are illustrating this process with Mac OS screenshots – Windows users will see similar options).

Here we will use the installation of VectorScribe as an example, although the process for installing all plug-ins is the same.

Please note: License key numbers are not necessary when you trial our plug-ins. When you are presented with the window asking you to enter a license number, please click on OK to close the page.

In the trial installation process, you can use the tick options to select only the plug-ins you wish to trial, incase you cannot use them all in the 14 day period. This gives you the option of having a 2 week trial for each plug-in.

If you have requested a free SubScribe license key, you will be able to enter this into the relevant license key activation window to allow you full use of the product and limit the number of further splash screens from appearing (maximum of 3 times for SubScribe).


To begin, login to your Customer Account.



Here you will be able to download and run the latest installer from the links provided (as shown below).



Within your account (under My Stuff) you will find details of the license key number(s) associated with your purchase(s). You will need these keys later on in the installation process.



After you download and run the installer you will see the 'Astute Graphics Unified Installer' program. Double click on Run the Installer.




MacOS users only: MacOS users may be presented with this warning. Click on Open to continue.



On the first installer page (as shown below) click Next.



After ensuring that you have quit illustrator, click Next again…



After reading through the terms and conditions, tick the box to confirm that you accept them and click on Next again…



The installer should automatically detect the version(s) of illustrator that you have on your computer. These will be automatically ticked (Note that you have the option to manually set or alter the destination of each version set by ticking/unticking each type, then clicking on the associated […] buttons. If unsure, retain the suggested settings and click Next) 



You can then select the plug-in(s) to be installed…



The installer will notify you that it is performing the set up and finalizing the installation…



Click Finish to complete the installation…



Once completed you can delete the installer from your desktop.



Now re-load Illustrator, then open your Licensing Summary by going to Help > Astute Graphics > Licensing Summary



The Licensing Summary will show you which plug-ins you have already installed and which are not currently licensed.

In the case of this screenshot, you can see that all plug-ins are licensed apart from VectorScribe, which has been deactivated. Whether you are wishing to install for the first time, or reactivate a previously installed plug-in, you must click on the Activate button (highlighted here in red)…



You will then be prompted to enter the license key number. Copy your license key from your email or from your account and then paste it into this box…



You will be prompted to enter your computer password…



The plug-in is now installed and activated, Click OK to accept and then quit and restart Illustrator to complete the process. (Note: If activating multiple products, you only need to restart illustrator once)



The licensing summary will now show the plug-in as Licensed.



You are now free to use your plug-in(s) and explore all the great features. We offer a range of Tutorial Videos for each of our plug-ins and these can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • You can also access the videos from our website. Simply go to the software page for each plug-in and select Videos.

  • When in Illustrator, look at the coloured bar at the top of each plug-in panel, here you will find a menu option on the right hand side and Tutorial Video is the third option down.
    Installing and activating your plug-ins: Tutorial videos
  • You can also find them in Illustrator by going to Help > Astute Graphics > Product name> Tutorial videos.

  • Or Help > Astute Graphics > Licensing Summary > Learn to Use.


In addition to these Video Tutorials, we regularly publish Blog Tutorials and host live Webinar Tutorials, typically with room for a maximum of 100 people (join early to ensure your seat!)
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