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The Astute Graphics Blog was introduced a year ago and has since gained over 100 articles including product announcements, tutorials, tips and tricks. And we are very privileged to attract a wide audience for which we thank you all!

However, as Astute Graphics continues to grow, there is a realisation that there is less and less time to devote to the writing of new material. Not only do we wish to cover our own products Phantasm CS and VectorScribe, but we've always had a desire to provide great original material for the wider vector design community.

Therefore it was time to recruit some help. And to ensure a very high level of quality, we aimed for one of today's best vector tutorial writers — Iaroslav Lazunov!

Iaroslav, from the Ukraine, is well known to many designers. He is the creator of many of the most popular Vector Tuts+ tutorials, including the Chopper image created using Illustrator and VectorScribe, and later featured generously in MacUser magazine. More recently, Iaroslav also started his own website, Vectorboom, providing additional vector tutorials in both English and Russian.

Whilst continuing to write for Vector Tuts+ and Vectorboom, Iaroslav will very shortly be publishing his first Tip 'n Trick article on the AG Blog. Be sure to follow us using Twitter, Facebook or our blog's RSS feed. And if you have any suggestions for future tutorials, please contact us.

Being the person who usually interviews the latest hot designers, we thought it would be good to let Iaroslav introduce himself a little further. What makes this prolific and popular designer/author tick? Time to find out…

Me and my Pen (Tool)

"I have been inspired by art since childhood, and it is not surprising, because my father is restorer artist. Technology was my other passion. So I decided to develop in this direction, and graduated from the University as a design-engineer.

"Descriptive geometry was my favourite class in the university; I could solve any problems in the blink of an eye. That was what was showing my love of visual images. Technical education taught me how to quickly and efficiently solve complex problems and how to express my thoughts in an easy-to-understand way.

"I have lots of careers, which I gained searching for myself, but recently I went back to what fascinated me since childhood — art. A few years ago I received an artistic education, but of course this was not the end for my education. And I think it will never end. I really liked vector graphics, and I began to study it further. I read a lot of tutorials and realized that I won’t write worse — and maybe even better — than others. In November 2009 I wrote my first tutorial for Vector Tuts+. I got good reviews on the first publication and decided to pursue this job. And today I have more than 100 publications on various designing web sites.

"I had lots of ideas and dreams, which I wanted to share with readers. And, of course, I could not wait to publish a new tutorial. So this year I created a vector blog Vectorboom.com, where with no delay I can share my discoveries and experimental results. Of course, I’m not a tutorial-writing machine, but a simple man who has his weaknesses and where the "creative block" is a concept I’m quite familiar with.

"Like every designer I have my favourite works, some of them are studied in schools of design all around the world."

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