Artist and Illustrator Keflione began making Street-Art in the early 2000s. Following a BA in graphic design and an MA Fine Arts at Central St Martins, he took up various art residencies in India and Brunei before settling in China where he lives and works today.
Keflione uses our MirrorMe plug-in to assist in the creation of many of his striking and detailed illustrations, here he tells us how.


I’d like to thank Astute Graphics for MirrorMe, because it has enabled me to save a lot of time. It has also helped me to push my limits and explore things I didn’t think possible. I use MirrorMe almost every day, since my work is based on symmetrical illustration. I used it in several projects, personal or commercial, and mixed it with some mezzotint effects or custom brushes to break the vector cleanness.

My Illustrations follow pretty much the same process. I usually create a rough composition in Photoshop with some drawings and some references pictures, to have the structure in place. I usually already have a clear idea of what I want to have and this process is quite quick.



Then I set up my illustrator layers:

one with my composition file, one with MirrorMe applied, and one normal layer for extra/ non-symmetrical elements. I tend to create a layer per element, so I quickly end up with 30+ layers, named and colored to easily find the elements I need.


MirrorMe is my best mate, since I don’t have to worry about symmetry anymore. It gives the illustration all its power and stability. A lot of elements are directly created with MirrorMe as it's an integral part of my process now.


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About Keflione

Keflione is a French artist & illustrator based in Shanghai, China. He combines the inspiration that he finds in art deco, skateboard culture, hiphop music and graphic design to create detailed illustrations with spray cans, paper paste, a brush and various other techniques. The culture of Asia has also been influential to his work. To date he has produced work for Puma, Urban Outfitters, Nike SB among others and has created many murals and designs for skate boards, posters & stickers.

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