Hello again my friends and neighbors. I was sitting in my office, minding my bees and my knees, when Astute Graphics rang me up. I was, of course, delighted to hear from them and when they asked me if I’d share some of my favorite features of WidthScribe 2 with everyone, I agreed.

Here are some of my favorite features in no particular order:

• Width Selector – My bread and butter. I used to ink my work in Photoshop, but once I got my mitts on WidthScribe v2, I switched over completely to Illustrator. I lay down all of my strokes with DynamicSketch or InkScribe, then I spend some serious time with the Width Selector, fine-tuning weight and the tapered points to perfection. The toolset within this feature is powerful, letting you auto-taper or average weight across selected anchors. You can also smart add and remove anchors, while moving them anywhere on the stroke! So much easier than using the default tools in Illustrator. Get to know the Selector!!

• Width Stamp – Holy moly. This is amazing. I definitely love detailing illustrations with the Stamp. Whether using the pre-set mode (yowza!) or combing it with Mesh Tormentor, this has some serious horsepower. I find myself layering up treatments on treatments on treatments to achieve maximum effect.

• Width Brush – On top of the Selector, the Width Brush offers powerful editing options for multiple strokes at once. I use this tool to add organic irregularities to my design whenever I have multiple strokes that feel a little too perfect. Sometimes after I expand a Width Stamp creation, it’s nice to add a little extra oomph. I even use it when I’m adding default brush strokes from Illustrator’s base texture set. It’s definitely a little gem that I ignored for far too long. Combined with Stylism, you can achieve some really beautiful abstract effects with a little creative brushing.

10 Width-Brush-D

If you’ve ever wanted to create beautiful thick and thin line work in Illustrator, but have always been frustrated or put off by the time and hassle offered by the default experience, this is your plug-in. Jump in feet first! Get the trial and make something awesome. Hit me up at @inkstatic on Twitter and show me what you’re doing – I’d love to see it. Till’ next time friends!

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I didn't know Illustrator could do that!

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